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Hotel distribution room fire danger emergency fire fighting neighbors Lawrence

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At 10:24 on June 4 Xu, Zunyi City, Outer Ring Shaba's Ruihai hotel fire, local fire department received the alarm, has sent 5 fire engines and 31 fire officers and soldiers worked through nearly an hour fighting, successfully extinguished the fire, due to fighting in a timely manner, the fire caused no casualties.

Day, 10:24, 119 Zunyi City fire brigade command center after receiving the alarm, immediately call up the second squadron of fast area Honghuagangqu 2 sets of fire appliances and 14 fire officers and men at 10:30 on the scene. Fire officers arrived at the scene, fire personnel quickly organized reconnaissance and found everywhere throughout the hotel filled with smoke, the fire had spread to the first floor of the hotel pharmacy. Upon inquiry, the person in charge of the hotel learned that ignition in the first floor of the right of distribution in the hotel room, fire a "pop" of the explosion sent. According to the scene, fire commanders on the one hand the situation at the scene reported to the command center requesting reinforcements, on the other hand the rapid development of operational plans: fire brigade formed by the three investigative teams and good wear breathing apparatus, from the hotel main entrance of the in-depth internal investigation to see if who were trapped there; the first team out of a gun battle side door from the hotel directly deep into the power distribution room to fight the blaze; the second battle group out of a gun into the pharmacy on fire control. Program development, the battle in full swing. 5 minutes later, rushed reinforcements to 3 sets fire engines and 12 fire officers and soldiers have arrived at the scene. The situation at the scene, fire fighting commanders on the one hand the command group to continue fighting the other hand, the officers and men organized in depth hotel room doors and windows open to the exhaust. Nearly half an hour after the joint efforts of fire brigade, the fire was successfully extinguished.

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