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Hotel of abide by Yi Huaya

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Brief introduction of hotel of abide by Yi Huaya shares 3 to comment on, 3 in judge

Brief introduction of hotel of abide by Yi Huaya: Hua Ya hotel is the public house of new-style business affairs that builds by level of 4 stars grade, market stays, the conference, meal, internet bar, KTV, business affairs is met place muti_function for an organic whole, take Ou Shi and style of Chinese style art, in-house style is clear, elegant, delicate, having a unique style. (The room sets 24 hours of long distance call of home of TV of central air conditioning, number, international, hot water, and but 24 hours get online) Hua Ya hotel is located in old city of abide by justice to liberate opening of market of district court market

Week of market price of door of room remarks breakfast 4 Cell does not have the 298.00 that do not have ¥10-23
10.5 of ¥ 180.0 ¥Book The 428.00 that do not have ¥ is not had between mark10-23
10.5 of ¥ 220.0 ¥Book Luxurious cell does not have the 428.00 that do not have ¥10-23
10.5 of ¥ 220.0 ¥Book Between costly bid (contain mahjong opportunity) without the 498.00 that do not have ¥10-23
10.5 of ¥ 290.0 ¥Book 3 worlds do not have the 528.00 that do not have ¥10-23
10.5 of ¥ 310.0 ¥Book Meal establishment
Guest room of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service
Recreational facilities
Card helps OK parlor
Service facilities
Phone of DDD of parking lot auditoria washs center of dress Wu business affairs online taxi of entire room free broadband
Supportive credit card
Home issues silver-colored couplet card

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