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Big public house of the Yue in bare water

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Yue big public house is located in Na Zhengjie of city of water of Guizhou Province bare in 22. Yue big public house is in according to national travel hotel level of 4 stars grade, introduce Tianjin to business school management is configured and be become. It is dimensions of bare water city at present the biggest, class the hotel with highest, the most complete facility. Collect conference, guest room, meal, recreation is an organic whole 4 stars class is costly hotel. Especially each respect hardware of the conference have class very much, can assure the Wu of conference room kimono of 20-300 person. Provide the service of the conference and travel one continuous line at the same time.

In faculty of Yue big public house, invite sincerely you to come bare water travels. Into big public house of the Yue in living, those who let you experience the characteristic of ” of “ red travel and bare water people is true and enthusiastic!

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