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Guesthouse of cloud of green jade of city of abide by justice

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Guesthouse of green jade cloud, it is historical famous city basically recieve one of units of abide by justice, be located in old city of area of hillock of safflower of city of abide by justice, rely on municipal Party committee of abide by justice, municipal government closely, protect an unit with countrywide key cultural relic apart of the site of an association of abide by justice 300 meters, be apart from a railway station 3 kilometers. Year recieve guest of board and lodging to make an appointment with 200 thousand person-time. Existing guest room 160, among them flatlet 4, standard guest room 125, single person guest room 8, 3 worlds (take toilet) 23, in all 350 bed. Guest room color television all uses closed circuit line to receive, the guest room of 60% installs the whole nation to dial directly a phone. Have size assembly room 9, size dining-room 5, can accommodate 600 people repast at the same time. The parking lot is set inside, card helps parlor of OK singing and dancing, intermediate chef 5 people, primary chef 7 people, have make high-grade banquet serves ability with all sorts of conference meal, cordial welcome each. . .

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