Lvpeng Liang: Let 4007 Hotels of the NASDAQ in 2012 to

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Distribution, like the movie "Pirates of the dream of space" in the Duomukebu, can be described as a seasoned thief, the spirit of the most vulnerable people in the hotel when the distribution sneak into their dreams, the subconscious goes against theft in the distribution of information and secrets. And direct it, this is the hotel industry speculation rotten pattern over and over again after a few years from research to work out the final results? No. Do people understand each hotel search engines, paid links, etc. This link direct way. Hotel managers want the to, the hotel also do that, but the hotel is not dependent on or in cooperation with the distributor. The reason why distributors are customers favorite, mainly because distributors can provide them with customer value - symmetric information and discounted prices. This is the source capture distributor customers, to grasp the fundamental core customer base. Since the distribution is the use of the capture source to master the hotel, why the hotel could not do their own direct marketing through the accumulation of source it? As the shadow of the hero behind the hotel direct Hotels Union 4007 CEO Lvpeng Liang told reporters: "The success of models from the system perfect, my goals do not just limited to the field of Chinese hotel direct," Baidu, "and more importantly, I want to Hotel Union in 2012 to 4007 into the NASDAQ ". "After years of exploration progress and success of well-known summary of the hotel experience, so Lvpeng Liang must understand that the main line direct to the hotel direct route guidance, and then 4007 hotels near perfect direct marketing alliance to break through the traditional direct sales model: the core of the hotel direct is a member of direct marketing. As for the hotel is the richness of the product, the viscosity of the member direct sales was significantly higher than in the client distribution. Therefore, no matter what kind of channel through the hotel to attract customers, the hotel has to confront how to obtain, maintain and maintaining customer loyalty issues. shows, focusing on the customer value for mining, the creation and delivery, is the hotel to attract and retain customers really need to solve marketing problems. We can conclude that, for a chain brand, the entire direct marketing can be called a special market operation mode, for single hotel, the author does not agree to co-operate with the channel completely, but can not dependent channel; for direct marketing trends, it will become the single main mode of operation of the hotel market, and membership will become a brand hotel chain and the single core of direct marketing. Because the members are the only profit centers, business only mission is to "create" members. Member loyalty is the core member and the end result of marketing. Therefore, the hotel through the direct sales model to help establish and improve the membership system, so the hotel direct marketing strategies to achieve the strong competition for tourists, the maximum degree of the source lock brands to grasp the core of control --- member of the hotel. Hotels in China, direct marketing field, it seems that really no other more than the 4007 Hotel Alliance hotel direct service professional, perhaps the only focus, so it can be professional. The success of the 4007 interpretation of what we really "mode from the system, improve the success" of this innovative concept. We should be booming hotel industry in China was delighted, the hotel should thank the coalition such as the 4007 devotees, Lv Pengliang in making this the largest hotel in China in 2012 to direct Union NASDAQ, we'll see.

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