Power Long Hotel Arts 130 000 overseas hotel leads the industry

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Appreciation of the renminbi, to ordinary people, the most cost-effective to do it? If we do not like the housewife who lived in Shenzhen, convenient to subway and then went to Hong Kong to buy daily necessities, then take the opportunity to plan a "dream" The trip abroad is a good choice. Long before the network news for art understand that the appreciation of RMB and travel facilitation, and other comprehensive factors, booking through eLong significant growth of international hotel in the third quarter, an increase of up to 3 times; which Hotel reservations mainly concentrated in the Asia-Pacific region such as Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. Southeast Asia is the entry-level abroad Tours Holy Land, as a "new donkey," Miss Chang was long planned and friends travel to Singapore, "shopping." Recently, she easily through eLong completed hotel reservations, book pages Surface of a hotel location, details of nearby attractions, guests can also see the real occupancy reviews, this itinerary for her great help. She felt that the international eLong offers hotel booking process adequately To the habits of domestic consumers, "with the domestic hotel booking as easy." Different with Miss Zhang, Mr Wong has rich experience in independent travel. This year he plans and his new wife to Europe for their honeymoon. He found international eLong offers hotel information, from luxury five-star hotel to a local special Color country inn readily available, he can set most of the city's hotels in Europe, even the non-popular hotel has covered the city, is the Chinese most complete booking network. It is reported that as a cover up of the Chinese international hotel booking sites, full and eLong major shareholders - the world's largest online travel company Expedia - cooperation through the sharing of Expedia massive inventory, to achieve Covering more than 100 countries and regions overseas, 13 million online hotel reservations, and adequate inventory, promotions rich in 24 hours eLong call center with the support of the overseas guests can with any problems ELong when to seek help. So, what international hotel reservations need to pay attention? Hotel eLong person in charge of overseas hotels are required to provide credit card guarantee or advance, for the cancellation, change, there are strict restrictions must Completed before the stipulated time, otherwise the first night will be deducted or all room charges; some special hotel can not even cancel, so consumers must be careful before placing an order to read the provisions of the hotel, to avoid unnecessary loss Lost.

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