Five-star hotels in Chongqing in 2012 increased to 85 or 100 2020

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Tan Wei, vice mayor of habitat that should strengthen the five-star hotels catering business Yesterday, five-star tourist hotels in the city's Development Conference, the Chongqing Municipal Tourism Bureau, said Liu Qi, the city's tourism, hotel industry will also be a great development, built in 2012, 85 five-star hotel, the end of 2020 may have 100 five-star hotel. Tourism Bureau official said, the end of 2020, the city opened, and five-star hotel under construction about 100. At current prices is estimated that by 2012, the city built 85 five-star tourist hotels of total operating revenue of over 8.0 billion. This five-star tourist hotels 100 total investment of 400 billion yuan, about 30,000 rooms, about 50,000 beds, providing direct employment to about 50,000 or so jobs, providing indirect jobs of about 250,000 or so. According to reports, as of October 2010, Chongqing has 13 five-star tourist hotels in the country ranked 12th. After the column in the western region of Sichuan, and Guangxi tied, ranking No. 2. Currently, the city's Grand Metropark Hotel and the name of Howard International Hotel has been assessed through the National Commission on Tourism Organization star hotel five-star final assessment examination, and another has been submitted to a hotel, such as through the assessment, will enter the national top ten ranking western second. According to another report, the price of a five star hotel in Chongqing is not high, the second quarter of this year, the average price was 586 yuan, 200 yuan on average lower than in Chengdu. One source not many reasons, and second, Chengdu, Chongqing commercial bid was low. At yesterday's meeting, Deputy Mayor, said Wei Tan habitat, the city five-star hotels catering to business breakthroughs. He pointed out that the local hotel restaurant is well, not much. Branch of the hotel is the city doing good hotel restaurant, one of last year's turnover of 150 million yuan, accounting for 80 million food and beverage revenue. But the city's many hotels catering business is not doing so as well as Golden Section. He said that he found in the European study, almost all foreign high-end restaurants concentrated in the hotel, breakfast, Chengdu Shangri-La Hotel also features integrated into the local variety of snacks, while selling more than 300 yuan one, but many people have with the Chengdu Guests to the hotel for breakfast.

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