Service of invite applications for a job gives birth to 2

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Position of invite applications for a job: Clerk of ostrich? recreation
Number of invite applications for a job 1 workplace abide by justice city
Position meal / recreational clerk date of expiration
Pay limits interview

Position description reachs a requirement
Position requirement:
Position description:
Unit name 99 plain flavour
Address cathedral of district of state of 3 gorge Guo on the west side
Postcode 472000
Contact Liu manager
Contact phone 0398-2821869 15978311393
Email Smxcy114@126.com
Network address

Contact means:
Unit name abide by justice service center of meal network news
Address abide by road of justice city China
Postcode 563000
Contact Qian Feng
Contact phone 0852-8013701
Email Zunyi114@99114.com
Network address Http://zy.99114.com

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