Guangdong visits town of recreation of hotel of Oriental plute international

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Email of recreational public relations: Hkdffh@163.com
Position property: Do not be restricted to work experience: Do not be restricted requirement of record of formal schooling: Do not be restricted workplace: City of abide by justice
Position monthly pay: Number of 30000-49999 invite applications for a job: A certain number of people update date: 2008/10/23
Position description:
[1] age 16-22 year old, record of formal schooling, experience is not restricted, height 155CM above.
[Beautiful of 2] figure temperament, facial features is regular, disposition of the ways one gets along with others is easy, healthy, communicate and gregarious capability is strong, like hotel recreation worker.
[3] interview qualification went to work that day, have without practical experience all but, greener belt firewood is free mount guard grooms, offer dress going to work, avoid collect any fee that enter office, (Right long-distance qualification of interview of the person that see industry signs up for market to expend) !
[4] has total package, 2-4 person, the dormitory mixes available air, TV, cold hot water, working hours 8 hours, rest every months 6 days.
[5] contacts means: Miss 020-85482787 Miss Chen mailbox of 13760687093 pieces of ministers: Hkdffh@163.com online QQ seeks advice: 984425271
[6] more detail lands this hotel group website please: Www.hkdffh.com
[1-5 of 7] monthly pay 10 thousand / month.

Special remind: Because the job is busy, perhaps cannot consult one by one the resume that you send or reply QQ, the person that ask each intended to apply for a job calls connection to seek advice directly, the thank cooperates!

If you feel your future is confused, or career. The job is not suitable, and have fun at to recreational career again, so welcome you to join us, we will provide a good development platform for you, let you produce your specialty to the top of one's bent, show oneself life value!

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