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Restaurant of travel of stage of Guizhou Province star serves informal discussion of quality special subject to will be held on May 15, the reporter understands on the meeting, my province will take step, restaurant of travel of stage of comprehensive promotion star serves quality.
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Environmental protection everybody has duty

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In answer to general office of the State Council " use about restricting production to sell plastic the announcement of shopping bag " , on May 4, by Guizhou Province League branch of hotel of fierce high mountain sponsors " reject white to pollute -- environmental protection shopping bag distributes an activity " begin smoothly.
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Use a polybag less, multi-purpose environmental protection shopping bag, you also can do environmental protection bit of thing!


Plastic shopping bag already was become " white is polluted " main source. Face serious " white is polluted " problem, general office of the State Council allotted " use about restricting production to sell plastic the announcement of shopping bag " , each district of requirement whole nation rises from June 1, 2008, retail place executes the commodity such as mart of trade of all supermarkets, bazaar, market plastic shopping bag is paid use system, uniform not

Must offer freely plastic shopping bag.

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Hotel of Guizhou Wu Yue -- birthday is happy

Dear the birthday that tomorrow is you, I bless you deeply: Birthday joy! In flourishing of the business in a new year! Good luck!
Will greet Lai Wuyue hotel 3 years on April 27 celebration, in the years in the past, I am being accompanied " she " stride to maturity gradually from an innocent dot, among them wind storm rain and miserable deep memory kept in the memory of my life.
In August 2004 portion I am honoured to join Wu Yue hotel very much, be in above all Danamen the military training with a rigorous month, turn into mountain villa of fierce high mountain to undertake by Chongqing Yang Zijiang restaurant manages the professional knowledge of the company to groom next.
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