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In activity of all company safe production, employee offers governor what safe standard asks to say to be to employee normally " want my security " , and the self-conscious and safe behavior employee says for " I want security " . Two kinds of formulations, stated language concept to differ not only, and safe implementation means and administrative effect are different also. "Want my security " , be set out from object, give out safe production to restrain control information by external cause, action the theme at safe production behavior, achieve manufacturing security finally; "I want security " it is set out from main body, produce the motive of safe production by internal cause, realize safe production subjective and actively. From management for angle, "Want my security " and " I want security " it is the relation with differentiate unified card, "Want my security " it is external cause, it is motivation; "I want security " it is internal cause, it is a basis. Both and mutual correlation, supplement each other, rise to drive to realizing safe production from different respect or decide action.
? How to come true from " want my security " to " do I want security " transform?
? Above all, the safe psychology of person of have sth in mind has safe education:
? Safe psychology is the person works in production the report of the psychological activity in this one specific environment, it is the companion in labor process the safe need of as environment of manufacturing tool, mechanical equipment, work, human relation generation and safe consciousness. Basically include: Psychology of the safe group mentality in process of the safe psychology in labor production, professional safety psychology, safety administration, safe organization. Pass the summary of phenomenon of the psychology in working to safe production, can improve the quality of safe education, produce the psychological effect of safe education, achieve the result that captures popular feeling, shock popular feeling, thorough popular feeling. Accordingly, safe education should capture the following 3 keys: It is the first effect that uses safe psychology, had caught the safe education after entering a public house to new employee, make next safe production brand to new employee with the first impression of first impressions are strongest. 2 it is the immediate cause effect that uses safe psychology, have safe education to employee with the typical and safe case of this unit, affect employee, incentive employee with animated fact. 3 it is the allusive effect that uses safe psychology, apply reservation, indirect way, produce the effect of exert a subtle influence on to the psychology of employee and behavior, have groovy education. No matter use method of which kinds of education, as long as close tie is concrete, insist to set out from safe psychology of the person, the safe psychology tendency of clench person, capture the safe mentation of different period person, capture the safe psychology activity of different type person, because the safety of different of from time to time, because of the person different is taught,undertake, can make education and psychology form resonance, the ego safety of aggrandizement person protects consciousness, make employee arises " I want security " strong trend.
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