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Mount Taishan of overweight of fire prevention responsibility

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Fire is one of important the sources of energy with people life and indispensable production, our dress warmly and ear one's fill leaves do not firing, industrial production, agriculture production leaves do not firing, but fire is a Shuang Renjian, when you loosened vigilance, it is a merciless devil, the life that makes people precious and good home melt into is immediately cindery, have the view of floods and fires have no mercy for anybody so, because of Mount Taishan of overweight of responsibility of this fire prevention.
On September 21, 2007 hotel of fierce high mountain on the west the accident of kitchen happening, give us each person a caution and deep lesson. If hotel of fierce high mountain ensures public security,the ministry works to fire prevention ignored, do not strengthen the examination of fire prevention equipment, the consequence that day is unimaginable. Consequence is very serious, the large home that our faculty hardship builds melt into is immediately cindery.
Luo Zong tells on the meeting each is bloody it is very great that case tells us fireproof responsibility, special be necessary.
Regard employee as the foreman of dining-room, I should strengthen fire prevention consciousness from the thought more, often organize what staff plays fire prevention knowledge to groom, basically put energy on the happening that how prevents fire. Want to be given priority to in order to be on guard only, do not let fire happening. If one but fire happening, no matter how advanced fire control establishment can give us the unit,create great economic burden. The nip in the bud just is our working key. Must take seriously highly from the thought, fire prevention responsibility gives birth to Yu Taishan.

Cafeteria ministry: Zhang Xiaoqin

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