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On the west hutch person

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? ? ? ? ? ? Hotel of fierce high mountain hutch is an experience that makes people deep on the west kiss affection to what have a kind of beyond expression, warmth and the big family of harmonious. We attend in what hutch grows everyday guide below, arduous job, spread out both hands, develop oneself, create future, our catchword is: Joint efforts, go doing attentively, perfect ego, carry on cate of China moral character.
? ? ? ? ? ? Our kitchen is very small very pallet, it has the place with 30 wide square metre only, still have the small storeroom with a 3 wide square metre, it still is the only channel of our employee, putting in this pallet kitchen have 3 bright and clean orderly freezer, two bright and dazzling cooking range, a port, furnace of a blast, still have a microwave oven.

Can not see this pallet kitchen, every time people is transient when here, can see bright and dazzling lamplight and snow-white wall, clean and neat carpet, cannot smell a full-bodied distinct fragrance, let people gasp in admiration really incessant, seem to come to the drive board room of palace.
? ? ? ? ? ? We are guided in what chef grows everyday below, arduous job. Although the job is painstaking, but everybody still has say to have laugh, grow has taste, never say tired, have enjoy never-failing fun.

Ministry of meal of hotel of fierce high mountain: Luo Bangjiang

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