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The hotel branch congress of having sth new

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? ? ? ? ? ? Hotel Party branch will hold special branch plenary meeting on May 22, a few significant sections of the hotel (purchase ministry, sale ministry, financial department) attended this plenary meeting on invitation with the comrade of crucial post. Outside all besides the hotel Party member that attend a meeting, still have the activist of join or be admitted to the party that draws close to party organization, birthday of financial executive chief inspector is built, sell chief inspector happy musical instrument, purchase a director to expend Qiu Qun, lead this department relevant personnel attended this plenary meeting.
? ? ? ? ? ? On the meeting, organization of secretary of hotel Party branch Comrade Zhang Man joined meeting personnel to learn " the discipline central appoint the 6th times plenary meeting spirit learns 60 ask " medium " why should clutch build perfect education, system, supervise pay equal attention to punish and precautionary corrupt changes, remember well ' two be sure to ' " . Raised level of staff member policy through learning, enhanced career move and master consciousness.

? ? ? ? ? ? To how walking on duty of be merciful oneself, improve business quality, work efficiency, make hotel brand, raised specific requirement. Comrade Zhang Man emphasizes, it is to should strengthen ability education. Hotel since practice, in the sale, purchase, better result was obtained in the job such as finance affairs, exploration gave a few experience, but idea idea, innovation administrative levels still needs to be strengthened further, working ability and the standard demand that take Wu level to leave company and client still have certain difference, when the problem appears, how are we summed up? How much did openly education know? Through this kind the study of adult type coachs, make every comrade thinks, reach often vigilant oneself title: "How should I do? " , when the problem is encountered in the job, should ask a few more " why " , increase understanding problem, analysis problem and the capacity that solve a problem ceaselessly. 2 it is to should strengthen theory study. Learn and master what want the line that reinforces pair of parties, guiding principle, policy, improve oneself quality ceaselessly, do well the union of theory and practice, want to pass top-ranking working responsibility heart, top-ranking duty standard, top-ranking working quality, make hotel brand, maintain hotel image, ensure hotel benefit. 3 it is to want to produce vallation of Party branch battle and effect of type of Party member van adequately, put forward science for the hotel, reasonable proposal, when the give advice of fine public house, assistant, the development that is a hotel expands make due contribution.

Hotel Party branch: Gao Yan

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