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Hotel of 5 stars class in succession outspread

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IHG near future is brewing the long British hotel tycoon that home appears in Chinese inland market to amount to 24 years with the face such as hotel of intercontinental hotel, imperial crown holiday one round new " circle ground " motion: It will announce first concessionary management partner that is in China after a few months, 50 public houses are offerred in Chinese general. Among them one home general this year new developed area of south of Chengdu of settle of second half of the year, after building allegedly only guest room is in 1500 above, become this group to be in the public house with the biggest whole world.

Not come singly but in pairs, liu Yong of president of new hope group is good also announce to march in Chengdu industry of hotel of 5 stars class, before this, the hotel of 5 stars class such as sweet case lira, triumphant Yue, 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers revealed his the plan of set up shop 2008. These were become astral class hotel is in this year an epitome of domestic of big dilate of 23 lines city.  

The enlarge insolent of foreign capital is wet

According to the statistic of IHG, 15% what its held the whole world in guest room number of the Asia, be the whole world in business growth of China especially most, be in only IHG had 17 new store to open business in China last year.

The force with which sth breaks out is feral have IHG only not only. Jin Jianping of vice president of administration of group of hotel of sweet case lira expresses when accepting a reporter to interview: "Target of near future of sweet case lira is to accomplish in inland cloth of city of every provincial capital nods, opposite before the career that opens a store every year will be carried greatly fast. " understand according to the reporter, since last year May, in " candy king " Guo He year guide below, the investigation group team of sweet case lira had visited and other places of Hunan, Shanxi, Hainan, Heibei, Tianjin, Guizhou early or late, for hotel optional location.

Not only such, sweet case lira returns fight in some places one by one 3 lines city, be in early or late Baotou, full continent in, Yangzhou and other places opens hotel of lira of many home sweet squares formed by crossed lines. Jin Jianping discloses, after 4 years sweet case lira set up shop 50 above, make the hotel number of its place hold or management exceeds 100.

According to reporter understanding, building a public house through taking the land is sweet case lira the traditional pattern in inland. But as land cost is increased and plan of set up shop is carried fast, original strategy is faced with adjust, also use as similar as IHG concessionary management pattern.

Zhuhai the client manager Luo Xiaofei of hotel of class of a 5 stars discloses to the reporter, cosmopolitan brand hotel need not worry about at all sale, it is good to need to pay close attention to oneself management only. She predicts, more cosmopolitan hotel brands inside 9 years of henceforth will be passed concessionary manage come to ground of horse race circle.
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