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Quick hotel " circle ground " Guiyang

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The bed of clean and comfortable room and toilet, clean bounty, provide 24 hours of hot water, TV, phone, free broadband gets online wait for everything needed is ready... this is the good impression that quick hotel leaves to numerous passenger. From June 2006 the star of first native land Dunhuang is quick the hotel opens business since greeting a visitor, beijing is like the home, United States fast magnate of industry of quick hotel of these 8 international, country, all value the market of our city quick hotel, in succession " swarm into " business chance of race to control, of speed can use quickly " emerge " will describe.

Quick hotel development is swift and violent

Quick hotel says with respect to a common that is economy hotel actually, the biggest characteristic is house price petty gain, do one's best " clean, comfortable, convenient, economy, safe, sweet " . Give the century on now the earliest the United States of 80 time, consumptive crowd is much give priority to with estate of firewood of crowd of business affairs, pure travel, labour. According to statistic of Nanjing tourism bureau, these prices are in 200 yuan of the following quick hotels, annual is entered rate is average in 82 % , prep above occupation standard 30 percent. The scale in American economy hotel and astral class hotel is 7 than 3, this showed the market size of quick hotel from a flank.
Quick hotel

Because often want to be away on official business, mr Zhou that many economy inside Ceng Zaiguo hotel lodges tells a reporter: "A lot of friends are away on official business to choose quick hotel beside, reason is very simple, quick public house is clean, wholesome, cheap, more substantial. " he says, went to Beijing January, be in between bid of average hotel of 2 stars class 300 yuan of above, and the quick hotel that he stays in just 208 yuan!

Be like an inn of quick day canalage poplar manager introduction: "The market that passes earlier stage is bred, at present already passenger source of quite a few gave to quick hotel approbate. According to preliminary estimation, heretofore, brand of chain of our country economy hotel is close 100, practice storefront has exceeded 1000. Current, be like an inn of quick day canalage enter rate achieve 80 % to come 90 % , service advantage is good. Develop as Guiyang economy, business travel staff can increase ceaselessly, quick hotel need not worry about passenger source, after wanting the masses to consume a habit to suit slowly only, quick hotel still has Guiyang space of very great progress. Quick hotel still has Guiyang space of very great progress..

Numerous brand is entered halt go all out grab the market

"If the home is quick,one year immanent Guiyang opened the hotel 3 inn, the quick hotel foreground that can prove Guiyang is very hopeful. Like the home quick hotel plans to be in Guiyang reopen two inn, among them inn of double city gate is being decorated in insecurity, if do not appear accident, be like an inn of quick hotel double city gate will this year some earlier moment does business formally. Additional, inn of high new developed area of wild goose beach also enters optional location to build phase. Inn of high new developed area of wild goose beach also enters optional location to build phase..
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