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Hotel in succession sortie recuperate industry

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Yesterday, the river that many 120 employee of some company enters Hangzhou in succession crosses false village, they cross a holiday not only, sleep, everybody plays check-up even, the adjustment that makes field of fitness, food sanitarian examination. Recuperate of health care of preserve one's health is becoming Hangzhou part to spend the project that false village develops.

In the past, sanitarian recuperate is Hangzhou all the time each special skill of big sanatorium, as the development of healthy consciousness, the form is ceaseless decay, each old village that cross a holiday also saw this business chance nowadays, in succession sortie recuperate industry. Besides river go vacationing village, mountain villa of hotel of holiday of great void lake, beautiful home also establish recuperate project. Big public house of the first world also expresses about personnel, negotiating with a few medical establishment at present, in go vacationing the village introduces sanitarian item.

It is reported, current, the recuperate project of Hangzhou is given priority to with checkup mostly, match again with domestic health care. The river that be in goes vacationing village, the tourist is in check-up while, still can enjoy go vacationing the guest room of the hotel and health body activity. Kong Xianhua of dean of sanatorium of hotel of holiday of great void lake says, henceforth, still will add item of senile health care, attract senile customer.

Carry recuperate estate, go vacationing the footstep of village tarry tourist, also rose to do business income. Kong Xianhua says, general tourist is entered go vacationing village one evening, expenditure is 300 multivariate; If be the guest of recuperate, majority stays 2, 3 days, grow an a week, cost each commonly be in 1000 yuan, 5000 yuan.

Means of recuperate of health care of this kind of preserve one's health, be being accepted by masses place. river go vacationing Chen Jing of manager of department of village public relations expresses, will begin every year in March, the guest of recreational recuperate with respect to grow in quantity. In hotel of holiday of great void lake, this kind of guest took hotel total passenger source 20% the left and right sides. As we have learned, recuperate most accept Shanghai person favour. Besides unit award employee, still a few children buy give presents old person.

Some manager points out the brigade in Zhejiang province, tourist of a few Japan runs technically to Hangzhou Fu Chunshan house goes vacationing the village does SPA. The personage inside course of study expresses, recuperate industry latent capacity is not small. Every annual produce amounts to Japanese recuperate 30 billion dollar, it is one of industries with Japanese the rapiddest development, for Japan successive economy of 3 years anabiosises made contribution. Southeast Asia each country, be like Thailand, Philippine annual recuperate industry value of output also was achieved respectively 16 billion dollar and 2 billion dollar.
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