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Common people of Guiyang city common also lives to have a public house

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The guest often came in the home, are you met a belt does he live hotel? If such problem is put before, the answer is negative. The reason is the price too tall. Close paragraph since time, the occurrence of fortification economy hotel, characteristic hotel, make Guiyang hotel industry formed international not only common " pyramid " structure, also be hotel industry " enlarge is allowed " infuse new vitality, also became even this locality resident the customer of the hotel.     

Economy hotel accepts common people favour

Last week, the native place Wuhan of gentleman of Guiyang citizen week has 3 kin to be away for the summer holidays to Guizhou, 3 home is only two rooms one hall, this falls but pose Mr Zhou. The close kin that come from afar, let him other people impossibly solve accommodation problem. But, live hotel, be afraid that spending does not rise again, live hostel, it seems that class some lower, safe, wholesome problem also can care. A dozen audition, mr Zhou is informed, guiyang had a batch of economy public house recently, 100 multivariate, if using a friend, say even if " economy substantial " !  

In area of a few scene, the characteristic hotel that relies on build of local travel resource also gets of the tourist chase after hold in both hands. Qing Longhe opening this world " 10 lis of gallery " travel with countryside celebrated, stockaded village of the head inside scene area hotel of village of one home town " Qing Dingge " shirt-sleeve local commoners village draws near according to hill the structure style of water and French style, its fame is booked through the network far sow abroad, practice had 13 France tourist to be entered that day. The boss week that holds French tourist guide concurrently personally proposes arms introduction, at present " Qing Dingge " built website of French, English, Chinese, guest foundations is to pass a net to go up to decide carry out beforehand originally.  

Economy hotel provides simple meal only, do not have the establishment of form a complete set such as recreational city, supermarket, sauna basically, have a plenty of handy automat, but interface of the hot water inside the room, phone, TV, air conditioning, network is same many. Together with economy hotel belongs to chain brand, have the whole nation to book the advantage such as the system, make interlink economy hotel big political integrity to restrict sale cost. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, compare with the photograph of astral class hotel of coequal accrual, the investment of economy hotel is gotten less much.   

Current, hotel of the characteristic on accommodation estate market, economy hotel achieves the wholesome condition of SamSung above and guest room establishment, travelling and is the market very much in business affairs crowd. According to saving tourism bureau statistic, up to now, mo Tai of 168 enter on average rate in 90 % above, average housing leads industry of prep above person of the same trade.     
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