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The world is the costliest hotel pop chart

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Rank the first: France knocks gently hotel of accept horse Ding Neisi, the building carries flatlet on the head thirty-seven thousand two hundred dollar / every night

What to lacking this world illumination shoots is European and character, of the summer knock gently accept is heaven, knock gently accept film festival also is one of summertime window. Building top flatlet is located in a hotel 7, mediterranean beautiful scenery can see on its balcony.

Public house of president of Swiss Geneva Wilson, flatlet of scene of a person of extraordinary powers 35 thousand dollar / every night

Independent elevator arrives directly at flatlet, all doors and window are ballproof design, can see Geneva lake whole area from many direction.

Big public house of Greek Athens Lagonissi, royal villa 34088 dollars / every night

Villa has the gym with all ready equipment and kitchen, still have capacious living room and dining room

Italy spreads public house of Ding Dao Cala Di Volpe, presidential flatlet 27277 dollars / every night

Flatlet is sunny, a pool of the seawater outside having a room, private Guan Jingting and sun shower room.

Island of the Bahamas heaven Yatelandisi hotel, arch bridge flatlet 25 thousand dollar / every night

The 10 rooms as it happens in flatlet wears the double tower in the hotel between, building the exterior to as if is a bridge is shown in at the moment. American talk show is famous Jackson of · of Er of Michael of Aopula Wenfurui, star has stayed in compere here.

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