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Olympic Games autograph makes an appointment with hotel guest to will be super

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Yesterday, beijing medicines and chemical reagents supervises management board to express,
Fang Laiying of director of bureau of city medicine inspect expresses, in at present harmful response monitors medicines and chemical reagents and medical apparatus and instruments on the base that collects a system, will build early warning system of medical instrument security. Requirement drugstore and hospital will establish person specially assigned for a task to gather the bad news about medicines and chemical reagents everyday, next daily undertake reporting. Undertake evaluating to reaction of occurrence undesirable medicines and chemical reagents by expert team again.

Meanwhile, this city still will strengthen the government of medicines and chemical reagents that chooses medical establishment surely to 21 Olympic Gameses this year, since this day, the settle or live in a strange place that still will arrange guesthouse hotel to be offerred freely to autograph of 112 Olympic Gameses uses kind of cosmetic to undertake superintendency, these guests use kind of articles for use washing bath that cosmetic includes to be offerred freely to wait. Besides the Olympic Games the autograph makes an appointment with guesthouse outside, the SamSung class hotel of above of whole town half also is in by censorial cavalcade in.
Before this year April, this city begs all and retail drugstore and medical establishment even in, the contains part of a shot in the arm drug of the sale must be tagged in manual or bag mount " athlete careful with " ability of model of written characters sells quite.

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