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Book hotel price to have privilege ahead of schedule

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As the rapid development of Guizhou Province tourism, industry of Guizhou Province hotel also is growing ceaselessly, at present complete province has astral class public house 229, among them hotel of 5 stars class 2, hotel of 4 stars class 17.

Guiyang regards a travel as distribution centre, bore the weight of many travel welcomes the job, guiyang owns astral class hotel now 58, 1/4 what held public house of the total level that save a bit, among them 5 stars class 2, 4 stars class of 9 the home, SamSung class of star of 24 the home, just a little 23. Major public house distributings in Guiyang downtown, the price between the standard of 2 stars, SamSung is in 150-200 yuan, 4 stars 300-500 yuan, the price between standard of hotel of 2 5 stars differs not quite, be in 590 the left and right sides.

Manager of department of public relations of Wu Yue hotel tells Guizhou the reporter, guiyang hotel weak busy season distinguishs and not apparent, enter rate is very good. Compare with circumjacent city photograph, the price of Guiyang hotel does not calculate petty gain, nevertheless many hotels can roll out all sorts of favourable activities. The tourist had better decide good journey beforehand, enter time long price will be more favourable, book through the network, also can get relevant favourable price.

And economy hotel and apartment type hotel, those who go is low course, the price has a discount very hard again, according to room circumstance different, price from 68 to the price between 238 yuan of standards.

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