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Quality of service of hotel of each big star class promotes Guizhou Province i

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Restaurant of travel of stage of Guizhou Province star serves informal discussion of quality special subject to will be held on May 15, the reporter understands on the meeting, my province will take step, restaurant of travel of stage of comprehensive promotion star serves quality.

These year come, development of hotel of class of Guizhou Province star is rapid, at present complete province owns hotel of 5 stars class 2, hotel of 4 stars class 19, restaurant of 3 stars class 80. 2007, industry of complete province hotel realizes business income 10.7 billion yuan, profit 1.6 billion yuan, break up one time than 2005. Next, visit each town completely (city, ground) the executive plan that travel department will make promotion travel restaurant serve quality, to restaurant service facilities and hardware establishment undertake clearing in the round rectifying, build astral class hotel archives of Wu of sincere be convinced.

Although move toward mature, level of management to rise somewhat stage by stage,save group of management of each big public house, service quality improves apparently, but still put gross little, scope is little, level of management is low, hardware establishment is not perfect, administrative group quality and level are not advanced problem. Industry of Guizhou Province hotel serves as the service that confronts a visitor directly and window industry, want to promote level of management and service quality in the round, should know restaurant line of business adequately the significant position in tourism and action, seize opportunity, stimulative hotel industry spans type develops; Want to strengthen restaurant management, rigid standard serves, build rigid regulations system, improve restaurant management group and service personnel quality, pay attention to formal ceremony, enlarge hotel industry open to the outside world and communicate, make larger contribution to promote Guizhou travel figure and hotel industry development in the round.

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