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Hotel of Guizhou Wu Yue -- birthday is happy

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Dear the birthday that tomorrow is you, I bless you deeply: Birthday joy! In flourishing of the business in a new year! Good luck!
Will greet Lai Wuyue hotel 3 years on April 27 celebration, in the years in the past, I am being accompanied " she " stride to maturity gradually from an innocent dot, among them wind storm rain and miserable deep memory kept in the memory of my life.
In August 2004 portion I am honoured to join Wu Yue hotel very much, be in above all Danamen the military training with a rigorous month, turn into mountain villa of fierce high mountain to undertake by Chongqing Yang Zijiang restaurant manages the professional knowledge of the company to groom next.
I am allocated sale ministry, the fulfil one's dutying that leads in everybody is guided responsibly below, pass what what oneself learn intellectual every little bit award me. Have deep love for me slowly from the person outside a window service industry. In the meantime, also letting me understand us is not just offer to all sorts of passengers comfortable, enjoy, luxurious accommodation environment and delicate cate, offer for its however " sweet home " .
Remember be when mountain villa, partial employee arose to the job as dry as a chip and drab, the manner that goes slow disgustedly, the leader adopts 2 kinds of means to encourage the initiative of employee:
The first: Undertake communication with employee. The mind that knows stuff in time is dynamic, it is helpful for gather together popular feeling already, make them have power.
The 2nd: Undertake imitate practices. Spot simulation training is to be hotel start business to make good bedding, also be to let employee learn place knowledge to dissolve in real work, also can reflect at the same time also the ability of meet an emergency of employee, improve service quality.
Next after practice, partial employee does not know what to how learn his knowledge however complete dissolve enters the job in. Sectional chief adopts by the director superintend and director guides, dog, instructional staff field service (be like: How the operating sequence of center of clean room sanitation, business affairs and note, conference is recieved, settle accounts of harmonious, later period waits the early days arrangement that travel agent organization enters inn, large party to wait, metaphase a moment) avoid of as kind as the mood when employee is communicated, zoology is curt, little rebuke, scold. In the meantime, every months of the last ten-day of a month attends a meeting summary job, let everybody speak his to there is the place that why is not worth in the job as far as possible, how should solve? The improvement with perhaps say to have better method, let the incisively and vividly that every employee learns him knowledge to develop.
In these two years, making me true realise a hotel is for the exist and exists truth of all sorts of passengers and principle, understand consumptive desire of the passenger ceaselessly only, satisfy passenger requirement, provide high grade, satisfactory service for its, ability lives socially in intense competition with development. However high grade, satisfactory service can go without what shortcut, can rely on oneself to accumulate experience in real work only, everything sets out from the passenger's angle consideration problem, update the oneself new knowledge, place that considers a guest uninterruptedly to want, the place of urgent guest is urgent.

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