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Cloth depends on 8 sound art

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Of the from mouth to mouth of area of the Bouyei nationality between Panjiang of north and south " 8 sound " , the civilian a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing that is run in the family of a kind of the Bouyei nationality is artistic. "8 sound " beauty of melody of primitive simplicity, fluent, leisurely, euphonic, constant activity at ethical red-letter day, marriage funeral espouse, build the circumstance such as room, congratulate on sb's birthday, love by people of local every nationality.
Cloth depends on 8 sound is be performed with 8 kinds of musical instrument such as bovine bone moustache, calabash and get a name. 8 sound flow into ethical region heretofore from period of Northen Song Dynasty already more than 1000 years. Yuan bright generation period, 8 sound sit sang content to add folk-custom, festival content. Qing Dynasty is acting, "8 sound " it is a kind when do business in order to sing and play, be sung unripe, dawn, clean, ugly all operas, do not make up... " (" Qing Dynasty insignificants kind of bank note " carry) . So far, 8 sound already developed form of quyi a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing. 8 sound of alleged " " , have canister of dizi, xiao normally (the flute that do not have film) , bovine bone (equestrian bone) the musical instrument such as gong of bag of musical instrument of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad, calabash, month musical instrument, beat, bag, pony gong, hairpin. It is early before Qing Qianlong, cloth is being promoted according to 8 sound justice the king surname system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan that insinuate is familial in active. According to historical data account, at that time " earth makes fun of " (cloth depends on play) still absorbed 8 sound the names of the tunes to which qu are composed 13, abound oneself acoustical antrum.
Cloth depends on 8 sound, it is the music that people of the Bouyei nationality likes is planted, come hundreds of years, promoting justice the village village stockaded village that insinuate bear passing. In June 1991, promote justice insinuate 8 news team plays on invitation " China. Yunnan. Village of Oriental culture art " establish a show. Cloth depends on 8 sound and Yunnan famous " Naxigule " same, caused the exclaim of the audience, 8 sound are known as " Pan Jiangji flowers " , "The sound of day Su " . Of the same age in September, insinuate 8 news team goes to Beijing to play fair of first the Chinese nation, the 8 sound that they perform " cloth depends on marriage common " , make audience of China and foreign countries is astonished, be known as " the artistic bright phearl of Na Panjiang bank " , the organizing committee was issued " special show reward " .
1992, on the red-letter day of international folk art that runs in Italy, cloth of basis of chorus of folk of the city austral You Qianxi produces a show according to 8 sound " hall of congratulate on a happy occasion " , with its the rising and falling and beautiful air, euphonic melody, full morale that bear mashed vegetable or fruit ceases and the performance of life emotional appeal, win the enthusiastic applause of each country artist, make cloth is according to 8 sound on international art arena, revealed her distinctive elegant demeanour.
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