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Amorous feelings of the Bouyei nationality

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The Bouyei nationality, main inhabit a region at southwest of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality austral Guizhou Province Guizhou, Guizhou autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality reachs An Shun area and Guiyang city. The Bouyei nationality is a minority with long history of motherland big southwest. Think the Bouyei nationality is ancient time commonly " 100 more " a medium, be the same as a source with Chuang. Somebody still thinks when the Western Han Dynasty " nocturnal man " country and the Bouyei nationality may have origin concern now. The Bouyei nationality on the history often is called " exterminate " , " seedling " , " Zhong Miao " , " intermediate home " , " Zhong Man " etc. 1953 according to this ethical desire, ability is unified call the Bouyei nationality. Language of the Bouyei nationality belongs to Chinese Tibet phylum Zhuang Dong Austronesian is strong Dai language is raised, there was not a character in the past, use Han Wen all the time, contrived 1956 the literal plan that is a foundation with the Latin alphabet. Rich and colorful of art of culture of the Bouyei nationality, having full-bodied ethical amorous feelings.
Live with food
Cloth is in more according to the village make the same score dam, river valley or draw near according to hill water place, encircle is worn all around old " geomantic tree " with dense Zhu Lin. General every village is living a few down to hundreds of other peoples, the building has flag house, building and half, building, main housing materials is lumber, build a top with flag mostly, do not have distinguishing feature. Inside central room, have shrine commonly, or so both sides lies between house of kitchen room, bedroom, guest to wait, set igneous pool, basically make warm oneself with. Stockaded village medium or stockaded village edge is repaired have land temple, in the past in order to respect hill god a term applied to a kindhearted person, also be the place of party discuss official business.
On food, give priority to with rice commonly, high mountain and dry Qiao place are given priority to with corn. Cloth drinks the rice wine that makes oneself and jade rice wine according to person be apt to, degree is small, common says " handy wine " . Carnivorous is given priority to with meat of pork, dog and beef, on holidays happy event has cake of polished glutinous rice, polished glutinous rice meal and the rice wine that drink glutinous. Pickled Chinese cabbage is dietary in indispensable. Flesh having a dog is a kind of hobby that cloth depends on a person more, came guest or it is to celebrate a festival, dog meat is classy entertainment and classy cate. Pardonable go out brethren of the Bouyei nationality always is bear in mind constantly to the dog meat of delicious. Some cloth depend on a family to still be grown with flowerpot on " dog meat is sweet " the spice that does dog meat in order to have, "Dog meat is sweet " (sweet) of plant name carry on one's shoulder. Red-letter day of convention of the Bouyei nationality " in June 6 " those who dozen of dog eats is consuetudinary, they eat dog meat quite exquisite: The wool scald that gets on dog body first is clean, get rid of issues cartilage, chop, again with encephalon, blood, lung, polished glutinous rice, " dog meat is sweet " wait for companion to be together, thoroughly cook in rinse bowel, cut paragraphs small. They call dog claw " bear's paw " , must burn bake in a pan abluent. On when the desk first nip respects better or expensive settle or live in a strange place. Cloth likes to raise a dog for the most part according to the family, will can look after the house guard against theft, 2 will can hunt, or kill eat. It is especially before the festival, dog dealer sells according to the market to cloth from dog of traffic of far and near, place has " pull a dog rich laugh, make money not to know " common saying, cloth of according to legend does not eat dog meat formerly according to the person, because allegedly the dog was cloth to bring seed-corn according to the person, be respected all the time, hind because of dog meat can drive serious illness, cure break down, just left " Buddhist monastic discipline " .
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