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Rouse downstair bright civilization

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The Dong nationality is an old people, the goosefoot of main inhabit a region in autonomous prefecture of the Dong nationality of Miao Zu of Guizhou Guizhou southeast river of smooth, banyan, from river of column of river, bright and beautiful screen, 3 spic, day, sword, town and other places of the Yu Bing of area of Ji Tongren of far, Cen Gong, estuarine, copper benevolence. Share 140 more than person, occupy the half above of number of countrywide the Dong nationality.

Walk into Dong countryside, picturesque scenery, greenery smoke basket. "Trot along on horseback corner building " like outside floor of corridor type wood, row upon row of. After the house before the room, the standing grain that establishing formula of a ladder that discharge vertical stroke is worn. Build on the brook have harships bridge, it writtens guarantee muddy of bridge, a covered corridor or walk, pavilion like that for an organic whole, already benefit at traffic, but beautification environment. Dong country is the most wealthy the drum-tower that of glamour is high cock, it because inside the building or building front overhang hangs one side timbal and get a name, be Dong stockaded village is indicative. Drum-tower can calls ethical architectural gem, it is mark of Home Dong culture. The wooden compose of Chinese tradition is built, in Dong countryside development is high-level building, famous from Jiang Zengchong drum-tower is as high as 14. Drum-tower is the clever union of building, tower, booth, cabinet.

Drum-tower or person of the Dong nationality develop social activity and recreational recreational site. Ancient time of the Dong nationality has organization of alliance of a kind of village to call " cave money " , they often discuss issue of thing, adjudication in the assembly before drum-tower, hold celebration. The goddess with sovereign the Dong nationality is " Sa year old " , sa of hold a memorial ceremony for year old the activity is in near drum-tower " Sa altar " hold. Young men and women often makes an appointment to be in drum-tower, with the song lyric, all night until dawn, the name is " travel song sits month " . Old people often also gathers to chat here, talk about Gu Jin. Visit each other between the village, dong language is called " month also " , greet guest to see a visitor out to also be before drum-tower. 

The Dong nationality is a philharmonic nation, "Male bowstring female song " become common practice. Dong song style is gentle, melody is beautiful, lyric and exquisite, accent is quiet and tastefully laid out. Cause the old song of the Dong nationality that the world pays close attention to, cent is general old song, free sound old song, narrative old song, number sings number of old song, child's voice old song to plant, be a kind from folk initiative caused much department chorally, also be a of ethical music strange flower. In old song, free sound old song is most wonderful, sing by the female completely, melody is beautiful, throat sound is pleasant, be like cicada songbird language, be like Chan of running water Chan. Female voice answer moves metabolic multiterminal, harmonic effect is more wonderful. Child's voice old song is sung by children, childlike, be full of babyish. The festival of  the Dong nationality basically has the Spring Festival, Dong year, " in March 3 " , god of ox of hold a memorial ceremony for, eat new division to wait. During the festival, people hand pulls a hand, surround a circle to jump " Duo Ye " . Bullfight is the activity that people of the Dong nationality loves, niu Yuniu is fought, the winner says " landmine is fair " , " shake day king " . Grabbing fireworks and firecrackers also is a kind of of the Dong nationality chic athletics sports, players compare rate together, than resource, than collective cooperation.
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