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Brief introduction of Guizhou people culture

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(One) music
Guizhou minority can dance of song be apt to, rich and colorful of traditional music dance. Guizhou each folk music not only the category is much, and each characteristic. It is Guizhou Province below the song brief introduction of a few main minority.
1.Miao Zu
(1) song
The song of Miao Zu can be divided it is song of flying song, You Fangge, custom, narrative song, sacred song to wait for a few kinds. "Flying song " is Miao Zu music in of quite rich characteristic stylistic, sing in hillock Lin Ye and field edge of a field more. The characteristic is tone holds high, imposing manner is vigorous and firm, rhythm Shu An is free, melody rises and fall big. A few areas divide flying song of male voice flying song and female voice, divide for antrum of high pitch peace type of two kinds of speech. Content of flying song subject matter is very extensive, can calls Miao Zu the gem of vocal art.
(Musical instrument of Miao Zu of 2) musical instrument is the famousest should calculate Lu Sheng. The Xin Guangcun of the city in the He Kai of the village that discharge card of thunder hill county is far and near famed Lu Sheng makes professional village. Other gong of bag of gong of beat of beat of musical instrument of bowstring of canister having beard, suona horn, sousaphone, straight xiao, Zhu Di, mouth, ancient gourd ladle, a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, 4 moustache, wood, timbal, skin, big sieve, large gong, bag, big fetters, small fetters, wood. According to the function, qumuke divides Miao Zu instrumental music to be mixed for custom ceremony sex life sex two kinds big. Former combine by musical instrument, latter is solo more.
2.The Bouyei nationality
The music of the Bouyei nationality, have vocal music and instrumental music two kinds big.
(1) song
Use a case according to libretto, folk song of the Bouyei nationality can be divided depend on language folk song and Chinese folk song for cloth two kinds.
Mix according to content sing a circumstance, can divide wait for song of common of zephyr of song of work of love song, production.
(2) musical instrument
The musical instrument of the Bouyei nationality has pen of " of Le Lang of " of timbal, suona horn, " Le You, " , " to be in charge of " , sister xiao, right beat of musical instrument of musical instrument of moustache of bone of xiao, ox, calabash, dizi, month, skin, large gong, pony gong, awn gong. Its perform a form to solo, an ensemble played by two or more instrumentalists, concert, beat upon waits.
3.Wait a group of things with common features
(1) song wait a group of things with common features with bright and beautiful screen the cent that it is a bound is south, north two dialectal areas. The musical style of two dialectal areas has very big difference. A. Boreal Dong
The folk song of upper zone has folk song, play Bian Ge of folk song, river, meddlesome song (wine song) , companion is married the song is waited a moment. Extensive, content abounds folk song subject matter. Undertake with the form of antistrophic, mutual Pan Ge more. Playing folk song is the song of the affection that feeling of thought of communication of young men and women, pour adores. Tune of this kind of song is sodorous and extensive, enthusiastic bold and unrestrained, diapason wider, rhythm is free and abound change. Meddlesome song is the song that sings on feast, melody each district is endless and identical, in general, melody is free from worry and beautiful. Companion is married the song is a month or longer time in, a group of things with common features of of the same branch of a family, girl that is the same as stockaded village accompanies the song that sings when the bride. In addition, filial piety song also has particular distinguishing feature. B. Na Dong
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