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The An Shun ground of old mystery makes fun of

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Ground play is bringing suitable district wide to circulate. Annual after the Spring Festival, 15 previously, arrive to go up in outdoor flat it is thus clear that, the farmer writes the ground play that performs run in the family oneself oneself, call " to play " of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day. In millet flowering " of season criterion show jumps meter of beautiful god " , congratulate beforehand a bumper harvest, the good will that also placing a farmer to chase auspicious of epidemic disease, accept at the same time.

Ground play sort is various, basically have civilian play, Gong Ting the 4 sort such as play, army play, fane play.

The clue that how makes fun of suitably basically originates historical fact, they often act only " the Three Kingdoms " , " Sui Tang historical novel " , " Yang Jiajiang " , " apotheosis a list of names posted up " in the heroic character of Jin Yi cavalry, do not perform civil play however, more do not perform children affection to grow to compare strong program with atmosphere of " rebellious " , become Chinese, seedling, cloth depends on the drama of a kind of folk that waits for people to love. This play ever attended show of 59 artistic moral integrities at going to France 1986, get wide audience reputably.

Ground play mask calls " ground play face again child " the makeup of the countenance of a kind of hyperbole that this is delegate part identity method. 24 masks in making fun of represent 24 spirits; Each have its name, call " of "24 play god. The actor carries the mask on the head on forehead, facilitating people views and admire the disposition of different figure.

Ground play face child be engraved with woodcarving of poplar wood and clove and become. The elite place that since ground makes fun of and the show is indispensable prop that the ground makes fun of, it is the work of the rare in the art of woodcarving of coloured drawing or pattern.

Face of Guizhou ground play child, result from bright generation. According to legend, the first pair of face child it is Zhu Yuanzhang subordinate surnames the commander of soup to be brought from Nanjing in go on an expedition; Follow of Tang Chao period [false face] , progressively later evolution, become a kind to dress up figure figure, and the artistic means of the zoomorphism such as such as horse, pig, dog.

Face of Guizhou ground play child vivid and lively, disposition is outstanding, the requirement that is the clue that types of facial makeup in operas of base area play provides and figure of content of characters in a play is engraved. Be like advocate handsome, suffer the effect of appearance of temple hall form commonly, forehead requirement is full, eyeball asks to highlight, energetic of graduating with cutter, tick off line hyperbole; And major general, female will comely, brilliant, clever gas, knife law relatively exquisite also, fastidious. Ground play face child the types of facial makeup in operas with uptodate Beijing opera very much the same; But replaced face as a result of facial filial generation, consequently face child decorate than types of facial makeup in operas comprehensive. Be like female will dangler, skullcap, male will beard, tire, with the face child face closes for an organic whole; All of positive and negative of its colour description matchs, changes in temperature appropriate, because of the person different, honest person face child general with red, yellow, incarnadine give priority to, character of villain in drama criterion with blue, green, black give priority to.
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