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Guizhou wine culture

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One, wine culture
Came 100000, wine and human life are having very close relationship, wine culture already made a of human culture treasury main component. Chinese wine, especially Maotai, it like be the same as old Chinese culture, broad and profound, of long standing and well established, to whole mankind the life and human culture have extremely far-reaching effect.
Wine, from of old, infiltrating all the time whole mankind society. The emperor comes on, common people comes below, on holidays, male marriage female marry, celebrate unripe establish dead, banquet greets give a farewell dinner of guest, give a dinner of welcome, congratulate on a happy occasion to irrigate disease of anxious, dispel to delay in person year, entirely cannot leave alcoholic drink.
Wine, to good drink person for, next 3 cups of abdomen open system free from worry, care is irritated use up disappear, wave wave desire celestial being, its are cheerful. When this during, nature revert of the person, evil person be apt to, cowardly person brave, I person clever, act vigorously of the person that strand its are angry, overmatch stimulates his to enrage, the person that counterpoise definitely its law.
Guest of Chinese ink of how many bookman is a country wine leaves language of poem of through the ages:" The heart suspends scope of operation outside, promote in the one " in the cup. "Sweet wave excessive gold small cup, vintage wine weighs Maotai " . "Wind comes next door 3 drunk, rain opens bottle too 10 lis sweet. "Be like this only, wine just is not had via rise and fall useless, all previous 100 acting and Mi Zhen.
So, what is the connotation of wine culture? Be being limitted scientificly should be production, technology and craft, explore and improve what pass a few chiliad, a class of independent and whole brew science and technology that has formed. Especially the production of wine Maotai develops the nation of experience accumulate, the science with mysterious since, it is long historical culture bequest.
(One) civilian wine culture
Guizhou is a country the countryside of wine, the connotation of civilian wine culture is abysmal, godly and sacred civilized make, long young honour low has law, southeast northwest has wine common, next left and right sideses have contraindication on. Still have all sorts of drinking vessel, the crock of wine of the spoon of wine of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise of wine of the earthen jar that is like brew, evaporate, barrel that contains wine, dip, pipe that smokes wine, pour. Additional, song of spirits division, wine, drinker's wager game, wine is lifted, wine ceremony, bender... . The culture that concerns with wine is formal already accumulate the history that contains massiness precipitates, the perfect style with can current be in harmony.
(2) Guizhou name wine
Guizhou is an accord with actually the countryside of renown wine. Beyond Maotai of the wine that divide a country, still have direct wine of kiln of brook of wine of wine of wine, be used to, Guizhou alcohol, green wine, the polished glutinous rice that prick pear, seedling wine, clip wine, duck, install wine of cellar of wine, smooth dam, Zhu Chang wine of cellar of wine, Jin Sha... .
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