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The Miao Zu culture with distinctive of primitive simplicity

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Miao Zu history is long, it is one of minority with our country more population, basically distributing to wait for province area in Guizhou, Hunan, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hubei, Hainan. The Miao Zu of Guizhou in all 360 much people, occupy the half above of population of countrywide Miao Zu, with southwest of autonomous prefecture of autonomous prefecture of the Dong nationality of Guizhou southeast Miao Zu, Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality austral Guizhou, Guizhou autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality is centered most.

People is world nation cent normally type of culture of two old economy, one kind is farming the rural culture of agrarian nation, another kind is nomadic " horseback above paragraphs is changed " . Often ignore the presence of type of the 3rd kind of culture however however, that uprights namely at both between " plough already and swim " nation. Miao Zu because a variety of reasons such as politics, economy, all through the ages has what migrate ceaselessly is consuetudinary, beg in order to migrate live, seek progress. But Miao Zu with nomadic different, they with farming it is course of study n cultivated land, change reachs a place, always want to stop for some time over, male agrarian female knit, conserce strength and store up energy, leave again next old home, change reachs another place, go building a new home. They arrive from change of the Huanghe valley catchment of the Yangtse River, spread all over Hunan, another name for Hubei province, plain, Guizhou, another name for Yunnan Province, laurel visits an area each, still cross the sea to arrive at Hainan, cross territory to enter southeast Asia even. Millions of people flow on the earth, this is one big feat really. 

Although they go further more, go more dispersive more, but culture tradition ever was not lost. In endless historical endless flow, it deduces much seed culture by mother culture, formed a giant and complex culture system. Take dress for, if other people makes a label with some kind of dress, so, miao Zu makes culture mark with a variety of dress. " annals of graph of dress of Chinese Miao Zu " have 173 kinds with respect to the row. Whenever festival, skirt horn flap, silver acts the role of dingdong, weiwei is grand. These differring " inferior a group of things with common features group " symbol, generation at specific culture zoology environment, have the different dialectal jargon that answers relatively to it, have endless and identical culture belief of consuetudinary, religion and group combination. Because migrate for a long time,the likelihood is, shirt-sleeve reason, the language of Miao Zu is particularly complex, cent is 18 kinds of 7 3 big dialect, second dialect, jargon, but language of seedling of Austronesian of congeneric Yu Miaoyao is raised. In the ethical red-letter day of Guizhou, miao Zu festival occupies the 60% above of gross about, this is the result with consuetudinary and dispersive, differ district. "Jump flower " meeting of a kind of festival is most general, content very much the same, it is the social activity of young men and women, but time, form, name is different, some calling " jump " , " moon dance " , " jump hole " , " jump year " ; Some calling " slope playing a flower " , " sit beautiful field " , " jump beautiful field " ; Some calling " section of a reed-pipe wind instrument " , " climb section " , " drive Qiu Po " ; Some cries " sister division " , " be troubled by strong " etc. Miao Zu passes a young plant year, and other places of Guiyang, Huang Ping, loose peach passes " in April 8 " , drainage area of clear water river spends dragon boat red-letter day, guizhou southeast Miao Zu is in hold a memorial ceremony for of section bosomy a company ancestor, in addition still section of dragon of the burl of the section that greet thunder, bullfight section, hold a memorial ceremony for, section that kill a fish, action is waited a moment.
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