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The cloth with full-bodied amorous feelings depends on a family

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The Bouyei nationality results from of ancient time " 100 more " , main inhabit a region is south Guizhou Guizhou city of 6 dishes of area of autonomous prefecture of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality, Miao Zu of Guizhou southwest the Bouyei nationality, An Shun, water, Guiyang city, in all 240 much people.

The Bouyei nationality is " paddy makes a nation " , early plows a paddy field. Their village draws near according to hill more water, "Water edge stockaded village " in have " dry column type " building or flag room. Food is used to food of outstanding polished glutinous rice, 5 kinds of flower of cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste, rice, meals and have a distinctive flavour of glutinous rice wine. They return be apt to to make food, in order to serves expensive customer. Their dress is comely and concise, the woman often is set in garment pants brim on lacy, the department between the waist surrounds a waist, calico or Baotou of green cotton print are used on the head. The Bouyei nationality is former be with in November or will be the beginning of the year in December, cross the Spring Festival generally now. Traditional festival basically is " in March 3 " , " in June 6 " , all sorts of activities are developed after god of hill of hold a memorial ceremony for, gnome. People of  the Bouyei nationality loves to sing, with the song lyric, with the song narrative, tirelessly is moving. Old song, little song and major key, canzonet is withholding scene of of primitive simplicity, still have a Guan Ge, strap blame tone, sister attune. Association of young men and women takes form of singing in antiphonal style more, song section song will be quite so much, the famous wool cedar song that is like An Long section, promote justice the Dong Lang of Cha Baige section, Hui Shui bridge song section, alone the hemp slope song of hill is section, long suitable Gu Yang " . Folk song " good Hua Gong " an excellent work that is music of the Bouyei nationality.  wax printing gets further progress in the Bouyei nationality, press down peaceful, Guan Ling to be taken especially, study of woman from a child makes a picture on calico with candle, dye vat of indigo of dip Yu La. The cloth that catchs, blue ground is spent in vain, have artificial hard draw rub " glacial grain " , good-looking all the more. Still one kind is folded catch, be line bundle up is used after wanting material decorative pattern fold by place, immerge dye vat, abluent hind decorative pattern is highlighted. The An Shun, wax printing factory that presses down peace and numerous farmer produce all sorts of wax printing product, in enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally.

What  the Bouyei nationality has him is Thespian, be by folk popular " 8 sound sit sing " develop and become. Cloth has according to play fall antrum of chirp of tone, billow, cry board, lamp attune, suffering moves 5 kinds of the names of the tunes to which qu are composed, the actor has " 3 dawn 7 unripe " , trigonometry step takes when the performance. Accompany achieve musical instrument to bovine bone moustache, calabash moustache, dizi, gong, cymbals waits. Not far from Guiyang Hua Xi presses down village, set now for culture zoology museum, concentration mirrorred full-bodied cloth to depend on amorous feelings.
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