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Ethical dance is pithy

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People of Guizhou every nationality is in long-term manufacturing life, the nation that created rich and colorful is literary. The dance of a reed-pipe wind instrument with Guizhou southeast beautiful Miao Zu, timbal dance and pleasant " flying song " , south Guizhou, of Guizhou southwest and the Bouyei nationality of An Shun area " 8 sound " , cloth depends on play, the Dong nationality southeast Guizhou is vigorous and firm and harmonious " old song " , the lunar musical instrument of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides of a long hollow piece of jade with rectangular sides of Guizhou northwest the Yi nationality and enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained small bell dance, for the nation literary big garden added extraordinary splendour.

The ground makes fun of

How to make fun of suitably to be called China's Thespian vivid fossil, called sorcerer's dance in a trance in the past, for form of recreation of farmer leisure season, ghost of drive of god having hold a memorial ceremony for pursues unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, prayer idea. Already became travel recreational activities now, ever caused sensation in Europe. The actor is worn tailor-made dress wears special mask, those who divide old little civil and military not, play with dance of a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing give priority to, bosomy gong accompanies, a list of plays has official history historical novel and folktale. In An Shuncai government-owned monarch has museum of Guizhou ground play, exhibit stage property, introduce the history that the ground makes fun of.

Cloth depends on play

Cloth circulates according to play area of the Bouyei nationality austral Yu Qianxi, form Yu Qingjia to celebrate year, the part has antic small Dan Xiaosheng to differ government-owned king general to wait. The actor appears on the stage to perform take triangular course more, each have metre and action power, hold the enginery such as arms rod to form acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance to cover a region. Its dress has Phnom Penh and embroidery, arena has animal graph or plan of the Eight Immortals in the legend, melody is gentle, musical instrument has xiao flute musical instrument to wait.

Old song of the Dong nationality

Old song of the Dong nationality circulates Yu Dong countryside, raise a kind of form of polyphony for Chinese folk, main air is in small voice part and derive gives tall voice part, momentum of male voice old song is bold and generous and strong, female voice old song is beautiful and lively pleasant. Old song is a lot of more phyletic, have the old song form such as drum-tower, narrative, etiquette and custom, child's voice, opera, have lead a chorus, unison, chorally, downstage tiring-room unison, rich and colorful is fascinating. Old song of the Dong nationality has very high artistic value, ever sang noisy west world.

Guizhou east exorcise makes fun of
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