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The origin of yellow fruiter

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When fabulous Wu Sangui retreats in defeat, will 18 carry bullion loses rhinoceros pool in, from now on, people wants to obtain these treasure.

Passed a certain number of year, here moved a family above all, it is old only two. One day. A foreigner comes to the side of rhinoceros pool, the glamour that uses him sees the money in the pool, do not know how to keep away from however Tan Shui is fished for, because this wanders 3 days in Tan Bian. A day of knot on a Huang Shu that he discovers suddenly to grow on cliff of lateral of chute upper part fruit of a celestial being, this fruit is the wonder of blot pool water, but time does not arrive, divine meritorious service is still poor, must raise sufficient 100 talents go. Then, ask money fruit of celestial being of 2 old guard, go back preparation takes the tool of treasure.

3 months went, celestial being fruit grows bigger more, if form rises bottle. Did not see foreigner come back however. Arrived ninety-nine day still does not see foreigner come, 2 often pick next celestial being fruit, cast into the pool to explore. Celestial being fruit enters a pit, see brilliance only 4 shoot, bibulous and phonic, waterfall water stops fall, tan Shui drops. Be less than a time, tanshui is devoid, see the treasures end the pool if really. Just when they are surprizing,do not have plan when, the day since the noise in abrupt pool is cracked dyingly like gigantic voice. Chi gets 2 old almost swooning with fright. Immediately waterfall underwater falls, tan Shui goes up full. Everything restored unvarnished.

The following day foreigner comes here, do not see fruit of the celestial being on the tree, examine minutely a reason, just know the reason. Chase regret to sigh: "Celestial being fruit still owes result of a day, regrettablly! Regrettablly! " 

The person of this place is much later, to commemorate this old Huang Jiaoxian is cultivated, name " Huang Guo to cultivate " this place.

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