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Wine and Guizhou

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Guizhou gives good wine, the Maotai out Guizhou with Chinese the biggest name, rank first of Chinese name wine, in China a few go up unmanned not dawn. Maotai follows Aberdonian whisky, french brandy is world-class name wine together.

Maotai has brew before 800 years, song Dai has account in concerned wine document. Arrived 18 centuries, maotai already became Guizhou north the first vintage wine.

Of Maotai famous have a paragraph of magical story. 1915, maotai manufacturer sends Maotai toward Panama world exposition to join exhibit, the American sponsor of exposition sees the earthy pot of Maotai yellow, feel too ugly and reject to accept, throw a bottle of Maotai under Chinese delegate stretch broken go up. Immediately, splash the Maotai that gets full ground to send out a Gan Tian, balmy, your person waves wave desire flavour of celestial being wine, filled the hall, each country delegate does it bend arrives, result Maotai won the gold of exposition.

Maotai belongs to sauce sweet model, cold of sweet mellow pleasant, the dry sex of the firewater that special brew technology spends this 106 standards keeps clear of neatly, and, it makes person hair dizzy rarely, return the circular function that can promote human body. Maotai is made with sorghum and barley wine, want to ferment 8 times, distillation 7, whole process last a period of time a year, after this, put even on a certain number of year.

Nowadays, the Maotai town that Maotai factory is in is scene of of primitive simplicity as before, the stone that is built on the hillside rank outspread all the time to the alley with sinuate summit child, town get on every to have a court every, plant a flower to raise grass, the door is the same as a house euqally tall.

The renown wine amount of Guizhou and produce capacity for liquor to also occupy countrywide front row. Outside dividing Maotai, still have direct cellar of brook of cellar of wine of wine, be used to, green wine, smooth dam, duck is waited a moment.

Alcoholic drink cannot leave in the life of Guizhou minority. In Miao Zu, rare visitor, expensive guest comes to Miao Zhai, often welcome a visitor with the means that propose a toast, be like wine of block the way. Master home entertains guests drink having a meal is commonplace, when jade screen rising sun, big bay takes close friends of Dong family fete or expensive settle or live in a strange place, want to take the age alcohol that out brews and rice wine. Dong family cultured is " wine Man Jingren, person of meal full bully " . So, pour wine must pour is full. Propose a toast the voice of urge sb to drink. is more sonorous, show atmosphere is more enthusiastic, guest and host is more friendly. When drinking, often still be a problem with friendship, bumper harvest, Zhu Song antistrophic wine song. Medicinal powder before Xi Zhi, host of male and female gives everybody pour even a cup " reunion wine " , each other delivers tribute, quaff. When aquatic animals masses entertains guests, drink overweight eats the meat.
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