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The tree of Guizhou

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Guizhou highland, especially Miao Ling is a mountainous area, of all ages, zhu Mucong Long, green catch long day, the forest is enclothed rate all the time very tall, up to now a lot of villages still are as high as 75% above. This should feel happy Dong nation is a mind which perceives both past and future on one hand knowledge bead, pitch on ground of such one party treasure, should flatter on the other hand seedling Dong nation is ancient already had environmental protection consciousness. Consciousness of this kind of nation, already formed a kind of culture through old precipitation, might as well call " tree culture " .

Of seedling Dong nation " tree culture " , connotation is very rich, the watch cherishs natural forest now, love afforestation and division bear natural creation culture, adore tree to inspect a lot of respects such as the root that be the same as a life.

Seedling Dong nation cherishs natural forest particularly, in numerous countryside compasses civilian makes an appointment with tablet in, have the article that protects a forest, to violating compasses person disciplinary action is extremely stern. Punish includes material and drive two respects. Former, or punish its reseed, or punish its gold; Latter, say from some kind of meaning power is greater. Be like by koradji cuss its " may you die without sons, never develop " , "Leave a building to live to cat and mouse, leave cropland to be planted with haing toad to the snake. " the tradition that because for generations consciousness is formed,values a Mu Gushu, a lot of large trees are regarded as to have clever " geomantic tree " , " the tree that maintain mountain stronghold " .

Museum of folk-custom of open air be servinged as is right open thunder hill county Lang Dezhai, its protect stockaded village to cultivate is not only, one brood, and it is one slope. Always be regarded as to protect all forest that stockaded village cultivates, entirely cannot fell trees, even deadwood defeats Xie Dou to cannot be carried come home burn. If have which elegant child innocently violate a taboo, family needs with wine fish hold a memorial ceremony for is cultivated, it is its piously " condonable " . Lang Deren thinks like the villager with a lot of places, tree can give the mankind benefit, have special protective effect to the person. This kind of simple environmental protection consciousness, unlike feudal superstition.

Seedling Dong nation loves afforestation generally, the traditional Chinese calendar 23 months, hop of leap up of each district villager " Mai Shuyang section " , " section of the fry that denounce a tree " . In sapling of old people buying and selling, afforestation; And men and women of single young person, criterion each other denounces sapling, regard love as keepsake its. More interesting is, home of the where after marriage is born a baby, it is male no matter it is female, whole stockaded village should be planted for its 100 small cedar, after 18 years, the child is grown, cedar becomes a useful person, do marriage for its with its fir namely, say this is consuetudinary for " kind 18 fir " . Miao Ling is a mountainous area, fir Lin Bianye, as great as this custom relation. Cedar serves as high grade housing materials, the place that is different from common is had in mood of seedling Dong nation. They think, its picket still can give out a certain number of tender bud after cedar fell trees, continue to grow development, indicative unripe be born not to cease. This one natural phenomenon very the culture state of mind that accords with seedling Dong nation, solid a kind of expression that adores for reproduction. Certain be treated as " fir celestial being " the Gu Sha of look upon, adore as the person getting like the ancestor, this is by " adore naturally " development is become " reproduction adores " a kind of expression.
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