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Guizhou drama, be by circulate the quyi dulcimer in Guizhou (renown " Wen Qin " , " Guizhou storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments " ) developed 1953 and become.

The dulcimer between clear Guang Xunian is in Guizhou already very be current. Its literal the libretto or script of a ballad-singer is between light-year of Jia Qing, path make copies by writing. Existent and traditional the libretto or script of a ballad-singer more than 400 fold, be adapted by drama of classic novel and opera mostly and become. Libretto is given priority to with poesy, follow tells those who sing literature " 3, 3, 4 " and " 2, 2, 3 " two kinds a type. Outside accompanying achieve musical instrument to divide dulcimer, still have earthen jar musical instrument, month musical instrument, small jinghu, a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo, lute, trichord, xiao, flute, bosom beat, touch a bell, make chime stone, fall board etc. Basic melody has 〔 Qing Dynasty 〕 of 2 board 〕 , 〔 raise attune, 〔 suffers from board 〕 , 〔 report 〕 , 〔 is second-class 〕 of 〕 , 〔 erhuang melody 6, the names of the tunes to which qu are composed has 〔 8 chart 〕 7. Mild and indirect of music for voices in a Chinese opera, the language is plain.

To satisfy the need that masses culture lives, lover of musical instrument of prefectural amateur article is in Guizhou on the west tried to take this kind 1953 sing quyi to move stage, regard opera form as the show, be welcomed ardently to take seriously with party card leading sector by masses. Built the first professional Guizhou Xi Wenqin theatrical company 1956. After major of complete 1959 province and joint performance of show of spare article musical instrument, uniform name is " Guizhou drama " . Come from more than 20 years after 1960, guizhou drama is created early or late, adapt, transplanting, performed a large number of a list of plays. Among them, adapt Dong play outstanding and traditional a list of plays " woman of the Qin Dynasty is beautiful " , filmed 1960 arena art film; The drama of narrative of history of the Yi nationality of creation " excessive sweet madam " , in National Day after show of 30 years of tribute, ceng Rong wins first prize of creation of opera of ministry of the culture central, show. The modern play that other is like creation " hill Gao Shui is long " , " blood wraps around felt " , " take an examination of one daughter " , " guard a pass " , historical drama " Chinese palace empress " , and arrange adapted traditional a list of plays " move kiln " , " pearl tower " , " 3 difficult bridegroom " wait to be loved by the audience.  

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