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Guizhou power peaceful the Yi nationality changes the person makes fun of

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Change person play is to be at the beginning of lunar the first month of the lunar year 3 in sweeping activity of Martian " folk-custom to the " of the Yi nationality of 15, hold. "Sweep Martian " activity to be comprised by 4 link, namely begin sacred, performance lion of Thespian, dance festival, wind up is sacred (sweep Martian) . Sacred begin, by hill god old person (village go-between is acted) offend the " that knocks gently A cloth is getting a few faces to overspread a mask old person of gather peaceful " (namely the human first ancestor of the friend when evolution, act) by village go-between, bludgeon of hand lean on a stick, liang stagger Qiang, give out the strange cry like apes and monkeys, installing go from distant virgin forest.

Wine of pour of god of ground of their Xiang Tian, ancestor, hill, cereal god is sacred. Sacred end, start " bell blocks dance "(one kind occupies old sacred dancing) . The performance is then Thespian. The content of this kind of play is report first civilian do poineering work, the history of multiply and change apprentice. In the performance, first civilian domesticate ox, plow the ground, scatter kind, pull up ground, reap, threshing, ted, store up the difficult course that waits for primitive agriculture to produce process and ethical move on foot, undertake imitate with the wide spread movement of signal sex. Work there still is the wed that meet husband when resting, nurse the signal movement that waits for population multiply respect.

Dance lion undertakes namely after Thespian performance ends festival activity. In sound of gong and drum, the lion that two people act comes on stage a dance, bludgeon of brandish of a few actors is funny make fun of the lion, one clique complacently is fond of gas. Wind up undertakes namely after dance lion ends sacred activity. Hill god old person is offended knock gently A cloth is getting " of " gather peaceful old people goes the home to string together door, wish all villager " natural and man-made disaster are mixed go along with the old person evilly; everything is auspicious stay, domestic animals is flourishing, the four seasons gets rich, golden harvests... " to each at the same time the home wants a few eggs and a bundle of hemp each, carry a few cogongrass from master home again, went to the side of stockaded village to bury partial egg, make fuel with cogongrass its people the egg is burned feed, halloo " spark went, spark walked along " . "Sweep Martian " activity to announce an end then. A series of sacred activities and Thespian performance end, take next masks namely, regard them as deities look upon, deposit in family of stockaded village edge. Whole activity is permeated with grumous primitive breath from A to Z, be full of secret touch and divine feeling.

Change although the character in person play is not much, but of figure model very peculiar however barpque, its are indicative the significance is very special also. The actor that dresses up old person of " of " gather peaceful wears black clothes black pants, sleeve and pants canister use white list bundle up, the shoulder also is crossed with white list on the body by left to right and by right plunge into to left across to the waist. Folk thinks this kind of move installs indicative nude, it is primitive first civilian explicit figure. They face guard mask, with cloth gangmaster the bag becomes round cone-shaped state, and the age (symbolistic) very tall. A cloth mother is a great grandfather, wear white beard mask, fokelore already had advanced age of 1700 years old. A Da's mother is the wife of A cloth mother, mask, she has fokelore 1500 years old. A knocks gently is a child, mask. Ma Hong's mother is a Miao Zu old person, according to legend has 1200 years old of advanced age, wear black beard mask. Hum cloth is an old person of the Han nationality, harelipped iron mouth, wear mask of mouth of the hare that do not have the forehead, according to legend already had 1000 years old.
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