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Miao Zu language

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Miao Yu thinks to belong to Austronesian of Miao Yao of Chinese Tibet phylum commonly. Also the scholar preciouses jade to the seedling the phylum of language is attributive the view that put forward to differ. Miao Yu distributes free speech: The eastpart part (West Hunan) , mid (Guizhou east) , western () of plain Guizhou another name for Yunnan Province, each dialect divides some of second dialect or jargon again, among them cent of dialect of plain Guizhou another name for Yunnan Province is 7 second dialect, each dialect and second dialect interior still have the branch of jargon. Each dialect and difference is bigger between second dialect, basically cannot communicate with respective Miao Yu. According to expert textual research, miao Yu of each dialect in all source word amounts to 60% above.

Dialect of the eastpart part is in West Hunan autonomous prefecture, plain the area such as northeast of southeast, E Xina, Guizhou has person of 1.1 million Miao Zu to use about. Mid and dialectal use number is 2.1 million person about, the Miao Zu of water of be in harmony of ministry of southwest of the eastpart part of the Guizhou southeast autonomous prefecture, autonomous prefecture austral Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi and the county such as 3 rivers uses this dialect.

Dialect is Miaoyu western in-house difference of 3 square call the turn most complex, distributinging district a most broad, use number is maximum. This dialect 7 second dialect are plain Guizhou another name for Yunnan Province respectively northeast of second dialect, another name for Yunnan Province second dialect, Guiyang second dialect, Hui Shui second dialect, Ma Shan second dialect, Luo Bo river is second dialect, heavy An Jiang second dialect, use number is gross above of 2.5 million person, distributing in Guizhou Province besides Guizhou east all areas beyond, plain south, laurel northwest and Yunnan each district. Miao Zu holds a Chinese concurrently for the most part, the Miao Zu of some areas still holds a cloth concurrently to wait according to language or Yi language. In addition, about person of 1.6 million Miao Zu waits with Chinese or Dong language or language of exert oneself of the Yao nationality for mother tongue. The Miao Zu that is in a lot of places is epic with folklore in, say Miao Zu ancient time ever had a character, later as a result of a variety of reason be lost. Document of a few places ever also alluded Gumiaowen. But reach to latter-day, miao Zu area does not have the traditional written language that still using.

Latter-day since, intellectual of a few Miao Zu is taught to develop Miao Zu culture, contrived a few dialectal characters, the diamonds seedling article that contrives like pond of West Hunan flag, the phonographic Miao Wen that West Hunan Shi Qigui contrives, guizhou Long Shaohua applies the seedling article textbook that international phonetic symbol weaves, etc. Latter-day, the clergyman outside a few foreign nationality in do missionary work of Miao Zu area also contrived for missionary need article of a few seedlings, if Bai Ge manages Miao Wen (article of old young plant of northeast of another name for Yunnan Province) , Hutuomiaowen. But these characters, besides article of seedling of cypress style texture, pursue a range very narrow. After new China is built, governmental organization linguist is Miao Zu 3 free speech contrived each a Miao Wen, return a northeast of another name for Yunnan Province article of old young plant improves second dialect for Latin this letter form. Begin experiment of new written language to carry out in a few places next.
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