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Common of marriage of the Dong nationality

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When this is 10 come minute the ceremony ends, the bride just enters bridal chamber in firecracker sound, a little go to bed eats " of " midnight meal. Meal hind begins singing in antiphonal style. The bride is with a flock of chaperon in the room, bridegroom is with a flock of male partner outside the door, each other is antistrophic, sing morrow before dawn all the time.

Interesting is, bridal bridegroom get married, do not sit a " (husband and wife lives together) . Morrow, the bride eats big " " of 100 dishes of banquets (the person that will attend wedding does not take other gift, the kipper that each belt has Dong countryside distinguishing feature one dish most, bloat the thing of and so on of duck, brawn, accompany an a married woman's parents' home by chaperon. Bridegroom goes to be a guest of the bride's side after, once the woman had pregnancy, the bride just is carrying straw at the same time (male agrarian) choosing spinning wheel at the same time (female knit) will to the bridegroom's or husband's family settle. From rise at that time, just be real couple.  

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