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Common of marriage of the Dong nationality

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Step on calcaneal to try affection and firebrand to greet close

"Stepping on calcaneal " is a kind of activity that association of youth of the Dong nationality heads southeast Guizhou. Boy of the Dong nationality if settle on which girl, he can be being driven when, follow stealthily in back of the other side, step on the calcaneal of the other side intentionally. The other side was stepped on, had turned round to feel this him boy is favorite, can follow the other side to go, walk out of all the time outside field, two people stealthily fine talk. If him unlike, with respect to the dissemble, do not go pay attention to. The person that walk discovers the other side does not follow come out, also with respect to give u, reentry field seeks a target additionally.

There is " night to marry night of " , " to marry in area of part of our country the Dong nationality the habit of " . Get married get married is a late night commonly. The bridegroom's or husband's family of more than 30 people receive close rank, outside dividing bugler, moving link of a pine torches each, wear hill to pass a depression in a mountain range, yue Xi is strung together case, fiery, look exactly like writhes bouncing firedrake; Plus suona horn gong and drum beat and play wind instruments, slant noiselessly in this stockaded village of far from town, appear lively even more and fervent.

Night goes more than 10 lis, in the round stockaded village that greets close team to arrive at a bride, but round door lock (every group has one magnify door) the door cannot be taken easily here, set " song to block " . Receive close rank every block " via a " song, want singing in antiphonal style. If flow,a dish of one correspondence answers, square Xu Jin goes, took round door, whether to receive a bride, breakthrough of even arduous gas last close, because hand of the singing in antiphonal style in bridal house gathers, extemporaneous interrogate. What of all ages, astronomy geography, current affairs policy, make up at will, blurt out, this greets adapt oneself to changing conditions of relative singer of the bridegroom's or husband's family with respect to need, immediately ably answer comes out, fang Kefa is close. This is really very not easy thing.

Interrogate answer finishs, the bride's side announces hair is close. Bridal head wears Dong handkerchief, the neck hangs necklace, wear the front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right lacy and full-dress, accompany by chaperon, the right hand is lifting oilpaper umbrella (avoid according to Wen Ke unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease) , in drummer enthusiastic and lively play wind instruments next start off. If encounter additionally one to receive close rank during transit, xin Lang and bride must exchange chatelaine, change happy " each other.

Before the door that should greet close team to come to the bridegroom's or husband's family, namely firecracker of airing of views, the bride suspends the moment outside the door, enter door ceremony " in order to await " . An old person of 50 above, be in charge of holding greet close ceremony.
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