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Of Guizhou southeast Miao Zu " You Fang "

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You Fang, old say " shake Ma Lang " , it is the socialization that men and women of youth of the Miao Zu austral Guizhou southeast, Guizhou makes public and recreational activities. Men and womens of these Miao Zu youth often pass You Fang this kind of means, make knot friend, choose a partner.

" records of yellow smooth state " go up to ever had such account: ". . . . . . Play a reed pipe wind instrument with folk song, accost of wooden leaf two-phase at deep trench close Jing, hurried genu is murmurous, those who call ' shake A Mei ' , call again ' shake Ma Lang ' " . Up to now Yi Ran. Miao Zu has have common ancestry of of the same surname not of marriage consuetudinary, some local of the same surname are different ancestor also but intermarriage. For socialization of young men and women, each Miao Zhai has the place that falls in love for young men and women, cry " You Fangpo " , or " You Fangping " . The festival arrives, the mother makes beautiful clothing for the daughter, father puts money to make jewelry, dress up the daughter rise go in the right way. Male youth often wants a few lis to make a difficult journey, very consummate a hunderd li, go actively to You Fangpo You Fang -- with whistle, Mu Xie, Ye Xiao, Lu Sheng or sing the signal such as folk song to invite a girl to go out. Some places are nightly at ordinary times OK also You Fang. Girls wear brand-new garment skirt, the head wears silver-colored jewelry, the neck matchs silver-colored necklace, what in order to expresses him is rich, mix with oneself beautiful appearance attitude, attract the boy's love. They meet in You Fangpo hind, the boy is very courteous greet sb with the girl, those who praise a girl is fine-looking, pass mutual to folk song introduction next. After curtain of night arrives, the boy blows a Lu Sheng, the girl is in of Lu Sheng accompany fall to have dance lightly. Steps alternates as dance music, into, retreat, time, come back, orderly and beautiful, diversiform and harmonious, from time to time is able-bodied and strong, from time to time is lightsome and slow. Fall in moon especially, rising and falling Lu Sheng is accompanying beautiful dance appearance, drizzly Long Long, , resembled another heaven and earth, meaning of picture of particularly rich poetics. The love that can say men and women of Miao Zu youth has in dancing and singing in antiphonal style.

After the late night, young men and women surrounds an igneous pool antistrophic. At that time singing in antiphonal style often is the boy praises with singing the girl's beauty, clever wait, the affection that express loves, take all laudatory languages. The girl is OK also " solemn pledge of love " , expression gives the resolution that is not him to be not married.

After the You Fang that passes for many times, after bilateral and mutual understanding, the boy is visited in home of woman father and mother. At this moment, the girl shows special love to the boy, woman father and mother kills chicken to slaughter duck, take out beautiful wine entertainment. In the evening men and women 2 people each other sings folk song, at this moment deep desire of folk song affection is cut, the scene brings back memories, make up now sing now, blurt out is antistrophic, conclude affiance, commutative keepsake.
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