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Gangplank stool dance (Miao Zu)

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Bench dance is the dancing with distinctive Miao Zu. Whenever great rejoicing day, . Advocate the guest drinks, draw comes half to one's heart's content, often follow portable bench having wood, "Crowded crowded crowded " ground begin to exchange fire, the edge makes edge start dance. See a visitor out especially when going out, advocate the stockaded village adjacent of the home and a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor, always be unavoidable to carrying board stool, in courtyard dam, crossing, wide the bench dance of thick mine of joy of the start on calm way. Is bench dance how arisen come? We this place is such fokelore:

In ancient time, in lunar slope this place, have a very beautiful girl, be called A Ni, a lot of rich home children to her courtship, but she also does not like, fall in love with a poor young man in hill unluckily however. This have a youthful look, be called A Yong, it is a famous hunter. After they love each other, decide in autumn of the coming year epigenesis kisses. This thing, by people before strange thing spread. Transmit pass, pass in the ear of a king finally. This king is a good goat, hear this kind of thing urgent. He expedites 3 people to grab A Ni instantly will do concubine. Which know they did not see come back, the Debunai such as king is irritated, sent 6 people again.

But, passed for ages for ages, the person that the group goes also did not see come back. King is so urgent that king was unable to bear, sent nine person again. After this 9 people go out, king is afraid they do not come back, connect a phonic message to also do not know, expedite 3 trusted followers again immediately, follow in the jian hou mian of that nine person. This 3 individual follow closelies are called the hill of bend so as to breakstubborn of green thick line to return a mouth slow with the ground, a clough is below the foot, cereal bottom is the river with an a few broad measure, there is a Shi Qiao on the river, a Bai Yiyan is on the bridge. At this moment, 3 trusted followers see a person only, just arrived by cereal, crossing the bridge, suddenly sweep flaw, that nine person is just like grew wing, one endures a ground to fly to the white grotto on the river. These 3 trusted followers are decided soon when, just detect a python is extending a head to come from mouth of a cave, piece move big mouth is inspiratory swallow a person. 3 trusted followers see this kind of horrible scene, frighten so that turned round to run.

King after be informed python to have a person, sent forces of date of a hundred or so to clear away constrictor. Result, two stomach that filled python. Wang Danu, still want to send military forces to clear away python again, a trusted follower hastens remind him to say: "Python in the way, clear away it inaccessibly temporarily, wind a way as the bag, doesn't He Chou catch A Ni? " Wang Jiao got rational to comply with his advice. Wang Paren bypass comes to lunar slope. At this moment, the home of kin of a distance that A Ni hides to A Yong already went. They do not catch A Ni, catch A Yong report to the superior after accomplishing a task. King Yao Ayong speaks A Ni to hide where, a Yong says not to know. Wang Jiaoren club he, he also does not say. Under king stretch, should put to death A Yong, a trusted follower says rapidly: "Still do not kill had better. Killed A Yong, a Ni has resentment certainly, although you come to hand her, be afraid god-given also and quiet! " Wang Zhuang lived internal heat, to close channel: "Say to do how according to you? " that trusted follower moves close to mouth by the side of the ear of king, ground of cluck of Ji talk in a low voice said a private words, wang Cai turns anger to be fond of. His simperingly ground says to A Yong: "Hear you are a marvelous hunter, clear away what serpent beast of prey to have idea, if you can kill that python of white grotto, I admit you have ability, put you to mix A Ni get married; If you do not have this skill, do not want to marry the most beautiful A Ni girl to do a wife. " A Yongming knows Wang Qi the heart is undesirable, but disapprobation goes killing python, also be unavoidable to want by king kill, as flat go spelling with python, perhaps do not die certainly. Then demur did not say more, agreed.
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