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Miao Zu jumps flower

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"Jump beautiful " calls " to jump again beautiful field " . " of brethren of Guiyang Miao Zu jumps beautiful " date is completely not consistent, but come in the first month of the lunar year mostly will burst at the beginning of cauliflower in Feburary, hold when spring sowing is forthcoming, friend says again " cauliflower section "

According to historical data account, mountain of wood of tung of Guiyang beautiful brook jumps the flower is the first month of the lunar year commonly first 8 to first 10 hold, do 3 days in all. First 8 for stope, first 9 for field, first 10 to sweep, with field is most lively. Jump between florescence, attend with the person that watch of thousands of numerous. Guiyang Guangdong street (today China north road is taken) jump beautiful time will be April first 8, black is taken when long slope jump the flower will be Feburary 14 to 16. Jump beautiful cause has a few kinds of views: Miao Zu midstream passes have a saw:" Seedling afterbirth does not jump flower, millet not flowering ″ . Means jumps the flower is to congratulate beforehand good year, jump the flower is to be young men and women to offer the opportunity that fall in love, jump the flower is a kind of recreation rests. Accordingly, miao Zu is beautiful to jumping every year take seriously very much.

Jump the flower has proper time and place. Jump between florescence, far and near tens of in before Miao Zu of each stockaded village wears full-dress, silver to act the role of, will attend. On the clearing that beautiful field is set in stockaded village commonly or a fixed hillside widens quite, the flower stands to cultivate in the center of beautiful field, jump when the flower, everybody is circling Hua Shutiao, spend a setting of the tree that do not have a flower sometimes. Much person of the man when jumping discharges, hold Lu Sheng to play wind instruments in front, after numerous woman discharges man of prep close behind, the metre that the everybody when jumping is stepping on Lu Sheng to play wind instruments one left one right, one before one hind, pace is uniform, have dance lightly. Attend jump beautiful person majority is single men and women, married person attendant exterior looks or piping sing amuse oneself. Jump by day, jump then even in the evening, jump in the evening the flower is called " jump nocturnal factory " , also call " moon dance " . tired also in the on the ground on the hillside Mian, hungry the solid food that eats oneself to prepare, cannot leave beautiful field arbitrarily, will get otherwise advocate (jump wood spends presider, it is reputable person more) severe interference.

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