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Play of An Shun ground and ground play face child

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During the Spring Festival, in An Shunnong village everywhere can see a kind of farmer makes up the ground that performs run in the family oneself to make fun of oneself. On outdoor flat, face of actor the top of head child, face guard green gauze, the back is inserted rely on a banner, hand hold the enginery such as blade, gun, wearing simple cloth gown or battle skirt, contend of from time to time leaves dozen, accompany in clang gong and drum in, rely on a banner jolty, pheasant end swings, very lively, old and simple ground makes fun of, bring the joy of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day to the country, also placing the apiration of farmer happiness at the same time.

Ground play cries again " sorcerer's dance in a trance " , in Guizhou a few places are wide to circulate, and the area that centers quite is take in An Shunyi. The farmer jumps the ground makes fun of, basically be for exorcise chase epidemic disease, it is a kind of recreation at the same time. Tell according to the farmer, year sorcerer's dance in a trance, can make one year door door restful, domestic animals is flourishing, golden harvests. Some villages are in the season of millet flowering, also jump the ground makes fun of, call " jump meter of flower is magical " , in order to wish Gu Mi's bumper harvest. These two period are the time that how arranges a country to compare leisure, "Sorcerer's dance in a trance " can be a kind of recreation in busy season clearance.

This kind can call activation stone, result from the ground of primitive exorcise dance makes fun of, having long history. On the basin of ancient painted pottery of the period of new stone vessel that from Qinghai the province is big county comes up out of land, can see there is animal horn on the head, distributing animal remaining part after one's death, dress up divine animal to come the Tao Hua of orchestic of hand of 5 people knot that drive demon chases unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. Can say this is primitive exorcise play to be written down the earliest solid. " Zhou Li. Summerly lawsuit horse. Fang Xiangshi " also account skin of Meng Xiong of Fang Xiangshi palm, head mask, black Yi Zhuchang, hold dagger raise aegis, lead the divine animal that 100 be subordinate to play the part of, drive demon chases epidemic disease, those who make spirit open a way is consuetudinary. This kind contains primitive religion colorific and totem to adore exorcise appearance of consciousness, be different from Taoism already, also be different from the buddhism that passes into our country later, and with oneself distinctive content form continues all the time come down, and long lasting, book of the later Han dynasty. Formal annals concerns big exorcise of Yu Han acting palace, fang Xiangshi and 12 gods animal cheer dancing, loudly responsory, hold fire fire, send epidemic disease to give the account of end door. Zhang Heng " Tokyo is endowed with " in ever also recorded in those days the spectacular event that Luoyang holds exorcise ceremony. Chinese later, the witch that this plants a year several times teachs cult, formed stage by stage big dried meat before or the drive ghost ceremony that night of the New Year's Eve holds. Afraid of advance an administrative unit in Xizang is in his famous book when year old " Jing Chu is written down when year old " in, chase after narrated village person to beat fine waist drum, wear Hu Tou, play the part of King Kong, force person, be in dried meat the scene that epidemic disease of the drive in drum chases ghost ceremony. But the Fang Xiangshi that chairs exorcise appearance right now, had spread out the god in changing buddhism venerated. Tang Song period, exorcise appearance be in fashion for a period, and develop to vulgarization direction further, amusement person changes composition to increase gradually, down to was formed the popularity end at and other places of Shaanxi, Anhui is public later the play, play that celebrate altar mixes the carapace of division public face of and other places of play, Guangxi, Sichuan the type of drama such as the ground play of Guizhou, these play maintained with drive ghost fulfil god is a purpose, mix for subject matter with myth and historical story wear a face child the feature of the show.
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