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The Tujia nationality

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The Tujia nationality professes " Bicika " or " Bijika " , basically distributing to imprint in West Hunan and Guizhou river of river, edge two counties.

History of the Tujia nationality is long, it is early more than 2000 years ago, the Tujia nationality first civilian mix in West Hunan reach Guizhou to take multiply haunt, formed single people gradually, and with the Han nationality live together of extremely other minority lives.

The Tujia nationality has his language, belong to sweat to hide phylum to hide remote Austronesian. Great majority tells Chinese. They do not have their character, general Han Wen.

Because the Tujia nationality is long-term be together with live together of the Han nationality, custom habit and the Han nationality very much the same. Just " spend the New Year " as discrepant as the Han nationality. The Tujia nationality spends the twelfth month of the lunar year 28, spend the New Year ahead of schedule.

The dress men and women of the Tujia nationality has not, the woman wears unlined long gown of front of a garment, boil lacy, body length and fat, sleeve is big and short, without get, wear the bottom of a trouser leg that surround a waist to be set greatly lacy, the foot wears pointed pointed beautiful shoe, be fond of handkerchief of bag white head, the move is silver-colored adorn. The man is worn have get ban the garment greatly, right Ren, young likes short to banning covering, the platoon is buckled a lot of, black cloth trousers, calico waist of trousers, the bottom of a trouser leg is short, the head wraps white handkerchief or beautiful handkerchief.

The Tujia nationality draws near according to hill more water and house, flowers and plants of establish fruit tree is fond of after the house before the room, maolin repairs bamboo, the environment is very beautiful.

The Tujia nationality with rice, maize is staple food, the shop is mixed with food grains other than wheat and rice potato kind. Love eats chili, pickled Chinese cabbage, dried meat goods and polished glutinous rice. On holidays has his festal food, if the New Year's Eve eats a cock, april flesh of 8 evaporate having white.

The guileless of people of the Tujia nationality, cordial, hospitable, enthusiasm that need a person, the guest comes stay takes meal, bowls of big wine when having a meal is old fast flesh, in order to show the respect to the guest.

The Tujia nationality executes a monogamy. They but with intermarriage of people not of the same clan, it is more this a group of things with common features inside allied, be fond of aunt cousin especially, think this is to go up in person add close.

Funeral arrangement of ponderosity of the Tujia nationality, identifying humanness is to all one's life two see a thing, already: "Giving birth to a house, be in dead a wood " .

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