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Play hill to drive a depression in a mountain range

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In the southeast of Guizhou, men and women of youth of the Dong nationality, Miao Zu from encounter first, borrow by (keepsake) , garden tryst, long companion, get married (or accompany elopes) this process a general designation is " to play hill " . "Play hill " , just as its name implies, it is namely play on hill, but this plays is through singing in antiphonal style this one form comes true. Place playing hill is mostly on the lap of scene charming and gentle, on song field, say " drives col " again so. When playing hill, young men and women dresses up anew, in threes and fours is headed for make an appointment place, to the top of one's bent joking, antistrophic, read aloud " base " (the style of a kind of traditional literature of the Dong nationality) , tell colloquialism (of reason having wise man say ancient) . Youth of many the Dong nationality, Miao Zu builds perfect family through playing hill namely.   

Day column churchyard has size song field 30 much place, famouser have 20 level ground (call lotus level ground again) , field of song of level ground of slope of the company that pour a small stream, big brook, white Mount Hua of col of mother-in-law of slope of cliff of dried meat col, wind, A, day, big clever hill, smooth boundless and indistinct. The " of " song section of established by usage has the first month of the lunar year first one, in Feburary 2, March 3, in April 8, in June 6, in July 20, in August 15, at the beginning of September 9 etc. Cross Ma Er field of song of 10 level ground (call lotus level ground song field again) it is the field of song of the Dong nationality that formed 1953, ceng Yinlin Mu Qingcui, singer gathers, greet by tens of thousands tourist of China and foreign countries and expert arrive here collect folk songs, it is to should be in the song field of the most negative great reputation. After singers enter song field, unlock singing voice, search adversary with singing. Receive on after the song, bilateral edge calls edge approach, concentration reachs one point, or stand or sit, surround the person of view increasing, form " of hall of each " song gradually, singing in antiphonal style person do not divide sexual distinction, do not divide old young, do not divide district, the person that every meaning gas phase is cast all can be joined, sometimes younger brother of side of father outer leaf, elder brother, elder sister aids younger sister, sometimes brother helps, sister together, appear even the grand occasion that a stockaded village copes with another stockaded village jointly.   

"The mobile form of " playing hill is varied, content rich and colorful, ranging from... to... search occasionally, singing in antiphonal style, read a paragraph, miss base (Dong speech interpret, point to the consecution word that has rhythm) , guess, taletelling all belong to content playing hill. In process playing hill, youth of the Dong nationality takes the place of with the song character, express feeling with the song, it is intermediary with the song, the first time meet, have corkscrew family dwelling place, full name and age " explore love song " , " meet first song " , have what say hello to and praise each other " song having a reason " , " complimentary song " , those who modesty lets sit " sit please song " , have beg those who borrow keepsake " borrow by the song " , still have conventional date " invite make an appointment with a song " with see sb off " send a song " etc.   
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