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Magical and august cloth depends on play

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People of laborious the Bouyei nationality has a lot of old culture recreational activities, a few interesting village play reservation are among them, ground play and cloth depend on play is among them two kinds.

Whenever festival of traditional the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, in An Shun old city fizzles out dried meat, stockaded village of new field stone, the cloth such as Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County of Hua Xi of 10 crooked stockaded village, Guiyang depends on a village to have clang ensemble of such instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part with respect to meeting noise, civilian head wears homes of ten the Bouyei nationality ligneous mask, carry battle banner on the back personally, hold ligneous weapon, perform the conventional narrative on Chinese history, what Dazhai-a production brigade in Xiyang County acts is " Yang Jiajiang " ,

They act so seriously, the edge sings edge dance, sing dance band, bring festal joy to outlying mountain area, this kind of ground that depends on domestic civilian performance by cloth makes fun of, with An Shun ground play belongs to same kind, language of the Han nationality also is used when they are performed, perform story of the Han nationality, still a kind of cloth depends on play, it is the show that him farmer of the Bouyei nationality creates completely.

This kind of cloth basically distributings according to play promoting justice county to insinuate the village of region of red water river such as countryside, and other places of chastity abundant, An Long, Hui Shui, Luo Dian also has. They perform folktale, the mask is coloured drawing or pattern of the carapace that use bamboo shoot likely. Some also uses staff of bamboo thin bamboo strip, perhaps make an unpainted clay idol first, paper base giving paper to impose coloured drawing or pattern again next. The colour of coloured drawing or pattern is red, green, Bai Hei more 4 kinds of color, image is dramatic lifelike, fully abstracted in childish Piao Tianzhen surprise and the appeal of forbidding.

No matter be,cloth depends on play, it is to wish bumper harvest, drive out demon. If you have an opportunity,on-the-spot appreciate goes in the mountain fastness that becomes to those stone base personally the performance that cloth depends on a person, regular meeting feels their sort of sincerity, kind-hearted, good desire deeply.

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