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6 holes a reed-pipe wind instrument is met

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6 holes include a few villages that from river, Li Ping two counties border, a reed-pipe wind instrument meets two years for a time, from July duodecimo only then to in August 15, installing newly respectively, cause is promoted, Luo Xiang and other places is held, the climax that a reed-pipe wind instrument meets is in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of 15 is sweet in August, if be like,that flags forest Lu Sheng, tall person 2 a unit of length, small person feet is made, in chorus of 1000 a reed-pipe wind instrument cries achieve, blow moving heart, puff chain of mountains, puff life, the crowd of all over the mountains and plains, the Lu Sheng of all over the mountains and plains, on the world see so big band hard.

Early morning, downy scene Qing Xinshuang of blue looks, advocate the Lu Sheng of stockaded village takes the lead in blow, straightforward air is on highland resound, stockaded village often is getting crowd hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to ancestral spirit of a martyr, in file enters level ground of a reed-pipe wind instrument " walk " . Welcome the visiting team that comes round early or late. Visiting team comes to stockaded village mouth, play wind instruments the music that enter a village, cry prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan 3 noises come to level ground of a reed-pipe wind instrument,

Each team arrives neat, advocate the girls of stockaded village are carried come about a hundred polished glutinous rice is rummy, give hand of a reed-pipe wind instrument. Hand of a reed-pipe wind instrument people drank rummy, buy cake, candy to fill answer in empty bucket give girls.

Rummy make burn with righteous indignation. The match began, circular argue. Two teams play wind instruments at the same time, which just blow judge well noisily.

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