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Wine ceremony of the festival

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In the Miao Zu village in the southeast of Guizhou, people entertains a guest wine and the guest has magnanimity to regard as extremely honorable and happy thing. To make this is planted happy more unforgettable, drink a bowl of wine to make an impress on the face even.

Sip canal wine is the distinctive ceremony be used to of Guizhou northwest area. In hall of wine world park, insert into lever of a few hemp, advocate the guest surrounds altar to be sucked in all, companion is placed with singing talk about the past is mixed ancient, not be gust.

Ox horn wine is the guest with Miao Jiawei exalted welcome, holds the grandest and enthusiastic wine ceremony. Host becomes containers esp. for use in the house flourishing wine with bull horn, lift horn to persuade drink by two people, several people cheer add to the fun, all around salvo of strains of music accompanied by drumbeats.

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