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Grandmother of hold a memorial ceremony for

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Each people red-letter day has his cause and effect.

Before the chiliad on fokelore, have heroine of a the Dong nationality, be called apricot Ni, she is mixed for the freedom of people of the Dong nationality battlefield of happy die in the last ditch. Ni of apricot of address sb respectfully of people of the Dong nationality is goddess empress or imperial concubine of the first rank (Dong language " Sa Rui " ) . Each village returns the rock of Ni of 3 indicative apricot from the local back of apricot Ni die, bury in the village, establish grandmother hall. Annual and sacred.

Li Ping, from river stockaded village of one belt Dong all is built have grandmother hall, big activity is held to want to arrive first in the village at ordinary times grandmother hall hold a memorial ceremony for. If accompany emulative activity: A reed-pipe wind instrument of bullfight, contest, go on an expedition; It is consecrate of a of indicative grandmother spirit of a martyr red umbrella before the team clear the way, bless a victory. During the Spring Festival, undertake the grandest sacred, person of whole stockaded village attends. From river county Long Tu is taken, scale of grandmother of the one hold a memorial ceremony for at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year is the largest, man of on stockaded village hundreds youth hold gunpowder gun demonstrates go on an expedition.

Grandmother of hold a memorial ceremony for should drink sweet tea, express to get grandmother protects bless. Grow inside the grandmother hall of some villages have an evergreen, before the person of grandmother of hold a memorial ceremony for takes one branch to be inserted in the bosom or on the head, express restful.

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